Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Orange Envelope ABC Book Swap

One of my bloggy friends suggested a swap the other day of envelope books. I wasn't sure how to make one, but figured that I could grab a bunch of envelopes, add a bit of cardboard inside to stiffen them up and then seal them...add in some cool paper and bling & punch some holes, Voila! Envelope book!

I specifically left several completely blank pages for a bigger photo or for adding journalling, but it works here so you can see some of the envelopes I started with. I found these orange mulberry envelopes at a stationary store ages and ages ago. They are thick and have a really cool texture. Plus, they match this Chalk It Up paper pack from Close to My Heart which I have been hoarding for like forever. (there is new paper out so I had better get going on using some of it so I can buy more...)

I added some little gold dot bags in the middle in differet spots with extra paper. I took a quick peek on my swap partner's Facebook and it appears she has little people that likely will be going back to school soon just like me so I figured a fun little book for photos would be just her thing!

That is also of course why I put those acetate ABC's on the cover too! Hope she loves it! Happy Hump Day!


  1. Sooooooo..nice. Artist s I know make books out of failed art on paper. Time for me to do the same...your good result is inspiring!!!

  2. Looks fantastic! Full of fun bits and bobs...she's bound to adore it. After all, YOU made it for her!!!

  3. Well, I love it! Very cool! I'm in the midst of trying to actually mail some of the items I've made to send to people that have been piling up and patiently waiting to be placed in various size envelopes and mailed... it's such slow going... making them is so much more fun... she is going to love this!!


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