Monday, August 1, 2016

Memorandum Monday: Fireworks and a Topless Hot Pink Hot Mess

This weekend was full of living. We had a wedding to run off to that was epic...more on that later. Then a pig roast with awesome fireworks and Tippy Cow Green Shamrock Mint Rum which tasted like mint chocolate chip ice cream. Sunday was a bit more tame with some grocerying and then sanding.

When I told Steven, the guy I work with at the Corning ReStore that I wanted to buy this hot pink broken table (table implies you can put things on it, it didn't actually have a top so it's more like the theory of a table) he said WHY? I was like no really, I am buying it. I then realized he wanted to genuinely know what would bring me to purchase something that was clearly going in the dumpster after the tent sale was over.

I suspect THE MAN has him on retainer. Here is $20 a month to not allow my wife to bring home things that clearly should be thrown out. THE MAN had a similar reaction when I took the "table" out of my jeep and this was after I waited until he had at least several glasses of wine. Thankfully he's a good sort and showed me how to rip two boards for the bottom which was also broken. Then I predrilled holes for finish screws, attached the boards firming up the table and got crazy with the sander.

I added a few pieces of scroll work and that cool little circle piece from my stash with the air nailer & finish brads. We'll be building a frame for the top later, using a piece of marble that I also scored from Corning ReStore and that I've been hoarding.

The first coat of spray paint is making me happy. It's a satin so totally will not be this shiny when it dries. It will need a second coat. Those bottom boards were also stashed in my closet and took the paint a little different than the rest of the table, so a second coat will level the playing field a little. It's nice to head off into the week feeling accomplished!

Happy Monday and please join me in waving to Sian from over at From High in the Sky who also has epic weekend adventures involving socks and ice cream.


  1. HAH! Amazing what a bit of vision can create. Looks absolutely FABULOUS....but I have to ask.....what is it for? I'm sure you've got a purpose...share please???!!!!

  2. You transformed it into a vintage piece.

  3. You really do give your posts the best titles! I love what you did with this, tell me more about that rum..

    ..and have a great week!

  4. Oh wow... and yes... I was afraid to scroll down when I saw the title... but then I thought .. oh h-e-double hockey sticks... just go for it.. and I was not disappointed! See... I'd have seen it and thought oh I could do wonderful things with that... and then my head would have talked me out of it... crabby patty (that's what I call my man)... where would I keep it 'til I got to it... how would I ever find everything I needed... and then there it would have sat headed for the dumpster... thank goodness for you.. the saver of unloved items. It's beautiful.. just beautiful...


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