Monday, April 16, 2012

Altered Mad Dog 20 20 Bottle: Posting at the Graphic Fairy

So, a few days ago the kids emerged from a trip out back to our stream with this lovely NEW dirty bottle. Now, I am always on the look out for a nice antique bottle. Or maybe one that has been around say longer than 10 years....

But, like kids and bouquets of wilted dandy lions, you must take their gifts and see what they truly meant. 

They meant for me to alter it.

Now, the hubby has identified this bottle as one that was previously containing Mad Dog.

Now, I have NOOOOO idea if he's correct or not as I never drank under-aged in college. ;-)

Ok, so it's remarkably similar in size and shape, minus any of the rainbow colored contents. 

For those of you from parts yonder than the States, this is the cheapest, most noxious, liquor you can buy. And again, I mention this because I've been told...

I decided to go all frilly fancy on this bottle for the sheer amusement of it. 

Added a sweet French Graphic to it from the Graphics Fairy. I am going to link it up to her party. Betcha she hasn't seen THIS project before. ;-)


  1. This bottle is that silver leaf...& your AFSC LO...I was going to do my garden. Woops! Like the butterfly. And as for the Volkswagen that survived the storm...amazing cars. Don't build 'em like THAT anymore....just made a lovely [biased!]card with one of your yummy flowers. Stay tuned:):)

  2. OMG..I was just at the Graphic Fairy and perusing through all the brag entries and I saw this bottle. I didn't click on the link, but I said, "Man, that really looks like Mitra's work." LOL...and here it is! You really do leave a notible mark on your work.... :D

    LOOOOOVE it!

  3. P.S. Purple MD does not go well with living room carpet I've been told...

  4. This is so pretty, love the spray you attached to it, so beautiful.

  5. This is AMAZING - so beautiful!! Just LOVE the vintage label! Looks gorgeously sparkly!! Don't get that here but we get several equivalents of cheap & nasty liquor that the teenage college students indulge in once in a while (so I am told LOL)...

  6. How great that they bring you bottles to alter! Your bottle is totally fabulous. Thank you for the inspiration!!

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