Friday, April 27, 2012

Blog Land vs. Man Land and other random thoughts

So the other day, THE MAN was up in my office and I was putting this layout away. I wanted to put it in my scrapbook near the page I did with my kids and their school I was flipping through scrapbooks trying to find the right "spot" for it.  (yes, the date is wrong, I fixed that and wrote more)

My Sis in Law's kids are right around the same age as mine and I love getting school photos showing them bigger.

Of course I only see them once a year if I am lucky. It just is what it is. Distance, the cost of travel, etc. And then there are whether I get school photos or not. Some years I am sure my SIL thinks the same thing I do. Really? More things for me to pay for?

Anyhow THE MAN said, did you do that layout? Which was funny since it is thin enough to fit nicely into my book instead of layers, flowers, & bling. So, yes I can see why he was asking.

Which of course brings me around to Helen's post. What kind of scrapper are you? I think it's OK to be the 15 Minute Scrapbooker as she describes in her post. That is likely how long THIS page took me. OK, maybe 16 minutes since I am not the best fussy cutter and I had to cut the square frames out so I could lay the photos in behind...

I love that those people get into the scrap zone and make some pages.

Mostly though? For me? I love the layers, meaning, depth and time it takes to make something really special.
And then, I love to SHARE that with Blog Land.

It's about community to me now.

The other day Lizzy from Australia clued me in how to smash bottle caps. LIKE SHE WAS RIGHT HERE.  Plus she gave me her biscuit recipe. SERIOUSLY COOL.

I have gotten all sorts of lovely tid-bits from all over the world. From comments to flowers to advice, the list goes on! Some of it's tips on products, some of it's new ways to do something and more importantly?

This gives new meaning to my scrapping.

I wish I was the new lotto millionaire and then I'd fly all you girls who haven't seen snow someplace it snows (oh yeah, that is here) for a bit (just for two hours and I'm not getting off the plane!) and then we can fly somewhere warm and sip lovely drinks with umbrellas...and scrap with whatever products we want.  I'll hire Tim Holtz if you want...and maybe Taylor Swift can play us some tunes? Who here votes the garden at the Bellagio in Las Vegas?

Doesn't that sound like fun? And yes, we'll serve Lizzy's biscuits.

Happy Friday and thanks for making things much more meaningful BLOG LAND!

And Helen? I know it sucks about your phone but GREAT POST!


  1. Aaaaah!!! Gosh that sounds incredibly tempting! Now I don't have to fantasize about what I would do with the lotto money if I win any longer, I know for sure now!! Glad you enjoyed the post. Was surprised by your short comment & had a feeling I would be hearing more about it at some stage :)

  2. You know I'd vote for the Bellagio in a heartbeat!!! LOL!! I loveeeeeee your lo!!! Loving how you did the photos amongst the frames!! And YES!!!! I miss the snow... girlllllllllllll it was 106 degrees here last weekend!! I HATE AZ!!!! I miss NY!!!!!!!

  3. Happy to find you from Helen's blog. Had fun peeking at yours, and became your new follower. I'm in NY too but waaaaaaay south of you, an hour north of NYC.

  4. Hope you win the Lotto soon ;)
    Alison xx

  5. Love the mist and the fact that you cut this paper apart and arranged it your way! And I love those alphas (had to choose between the 2 kits and the other kit won, but still....) Not every LO has to be an all-day labor of love -- this one looks great!

  6. Hire Tim? Pffft.....I say we promote the latest and greatest products from M.Pratt. Can you see it now, your name in lights; or at least on every craft bottle down every craft aisle of every craft store. :)
    I'll pack my "it could happen" suitcase now!

  7. No, Alison, not soon, but VERY NEXT LOTTO DRAW.....I'll come naked, I'd be happy wearing some of your Creations, Mitra....Joke. Just in case you DO win. And Tim would be panting to join US, yeah?????!!!!!!!

  8. Hey Mitra, speaking of bottle caps, take a look at this link
    from Samantha over at GREAT ideas!!!!

  9. Tim Holtz AND Taylor... man I'm in! I'll say it again. You are a riot! Have a whopper weekend.

  10. HI there... now I just love coming by here.. and it doesnt feel like we are separated by the rest of the world... and Yes I would come over and see snow and you could take photos of all of us who have never seen snow as we fall about in it and make snow angels...haha... Your layout is fabulous, a great way to remember the kids in their school gear, cos they soon grow up and out of the house... and I am a slow scrapper, but having said that I did do two layouts today as it was raining and I was not in the mood for housework.. funny as I am never really in the mood for housework...hummm... and tim Holtz sounds good...and I am guessing the recipes are from the 'other' lizzy from australia.. hehe.. we confuse ourselves at times I think!! I hope your weekend is going great!!


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