Monday, April 30, 2012

Junk2Funk Art and Fashion Show

So, talked to my Dad today and he said, hey you did good yesterday. 

I thought, really?

I mean, I had fun. 

How can you not have fun when the winning exhibit is made out of coffee filters? 

(YES, those are coffee filters on the bottom of that dress and they are amazing!)

He said, well, I would guesstimate only 50 people walked through this show and you made money. That proves that you could go to a show with 500 and do quite well. Not to mention, nobody else WAS selling stuff. 

Oh, I thought. He's not even doing "parent math" and trying to be encouraging. He has a point!

So, anyhow, I think I will attend more events and bring altered stuff. I have to. See, I don't have enough room to just keeping making without getting rid of my altered items in some way shape or form!
And I'm certainly not stopping! 

Yes, I know. You want to see another shot of the winning entry...the back of the dress was covered in playing cards and this side view is the first hint you get....

And a tea bag dress? First Place in Fashion!

I know, you don't BELIEVE me. Hold on. 

Here is a close-up.

And, for all your girlies in Australia, you will be happy to know the Chooks were represented well with this chicken-wire and toilet paper cover dress. Sorry no full body shot. The photo was horrible. Looked like a zombie...raided a chicken tangled up....not in real life just my camera in a gym....did not reward me with a good photo. 

AND yes, I tried to win this lotto tree. I have big plans involving planes, a huge scrapbooking party in Vegas, and biscuits

One of my favorite altered item was this lamp made out of real live gummy bears. If you get bored while reading you can snack...

OR, this awesome container...

This was honestly one of my favorites...this bee with the straws...

In a close tie with this Red Neck Secretary..

How do you like this shoe? That is how my feet feels in heals...

Of course MY favorite booth was mine...

Yeah, I know. That is a lot of stuff! The window frame, my Happiness frame, and lots of Lexi's earrings walked out the door with a new family. Let me know if there is anything I should send you way...I will give you a great deal! ;-)

And next year? I totally will make sure I hit the chair massage. That is my Mom. She knows how to completely enjoy art shows to the best of her ability. 

 Have a relaxing Monday, if such a thing is possible. 

Back tomorrow with the new Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge!! Whohoooo!


  1. Of all the wonders in the world to see, I think the coolest one was in that gym! I've never seen such a wonderful eclectic combination of creativity on such grand scale. Awesome pictures and man o' man, your table looks great! I hope sales went through the roof.
    LOL...gummy bear that.
    p.s. I would have bought that window frame!!

  2. Oh how amazing you are... well done on all these incredible creations... you are so clever!!

  3. This is amazing...peeps are sooo inventive! I'm sad you've had the fair...but glad you're going to keep doing them...that means we get to see more of your incredible 'make overs':):):))

  4. Mitra, loved looking through all your pics, looks like fun and your stall looks amazing x

  5. Glad to hear you made some money...your stall looks really good!
    Alison xx

  6. OMG that tea bag dress looked amazing, at least you would never be short of Now what could you send my way I would love to get my hands on those window frames, I don't know how you could part with them. Glad you sold some stuff your altered work always looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing those photo and yes those heels made my feet ache thinking about them...

  7. Wow, completely amazing! I think I e mailed you about this!! Great effort and I am looking forward to great things to come as a result. Now you must make an announcement about your new appointment - did you like the title I chose for you? It is up in the sidebar!! Sounds very posh...


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