Friday, April 13, 2012

Strawberry Jam?

So, the metal framed lampshade on top isn't exactly junk. For the lovely price of $20, I got to own something that the cat dragged in. But, it was really sturdy, in good shape, and detailed under all that ugly!

The girl at the register (ok, I know you will think this is ODD right here so don't twitch too much when I say it) said OH how pretty. And I looked at her if she was nuts and said, no it WILL be pretty. Right now, it looks like a big pile of crap. Who puts thin ugly pink fabric on something like this anyhow?

And here is the odd part. I was in half of what used to be a huge Dept. store in Canton. The other half is a weird clothing/dollar store type thing. The more important other half is full of booths and people selling junk or antiques or whatever. It's not exactly high end, but more like an inside garage sale. More importantly it's huge and fun to wander around in. And ten minutes down the road from my house.

Had to enlist help with this project. Thankfully related to someone that does stained glass. My Mom took the metal frame that slides up into this shade and basically wired/soldered on some sheets of this very lovely strawberry jammy glass.

Loved this photo of the light streaming through it.

Here is another shot where you can see the coppery color I spray painted it contrasting with the glass. It is just lovely. So lovely I think it's a keeper. Not sure WHAT kind of base I will use.

I had planned on using the base of the lamp above (and below) which is all rewired, cleaned up, and oddly enough, the dishwasher washed all the color off that glass piece...colored glue maybe? The shade is super heavy so I am going to see how it all works out once I purchase a smaller harp so the shade will fit on the base. The standard one in the rewiring kit was way too tall and it looked crazy together.

Thanks MOM for helping me transform this ugly duckling! She selected the glass even, so great job on a perfect pick!

And Happy Friday!

I'll be out and about tomorrow helping the hubby work on our garage roof. I am the "get it girl" meaning he'll yell down from the roof and I will put things in the bucket for him.

Wanna see a picture of our huge project? The roof is sound, but they used lumber that allowed the roof to bow, so we visually are adding shim boards to straighten it out so the burgundy colored steel will look great. Another ugly duckling transformation!

And yes, I have a window frame out in front of the garage. Another project while I am on hand for the roof. I am smashing out the glass...and spray painting while I wait for roof top instruction!


  1. Such a busy lady, not sure when you have time to do all your projects. Great job on the things you change or re-invent, some beautiful work.

  2. You have some awesome transformations going on!! LOVING it!!

  3. So clever - and to have a taletned Mum on hand as well! Love that coloured glass, just perfect!

    Good luck with the whole roof thing, lookis like a big job! xx

  4. Girl, you waste no time getting down and dirty with your eclectic finds! I just love watching what you gather and see how the ugly duckling transforms. That shade is drool worthy! High five to your Mom for that excellent glass work. The new look is OUTSTANDING!!!
    Good luck on the roofing project and I look forward to seeing the window transformed as well. :)

  5. Oh my goodness the transformation of this lamp is stunning.. I love the photo of the light shining through it... and I dare not think of a second hand shop just 10 minutes from your home... but then again.. you do amazing things to make old things look beautiful again!!

  6. Sounds like you would have had a fun time! Wow that metal frame is so ornate & congrats to your mom on a beautiful job with the glass. I would love a hubby as handy as yours! But then again mine loves to cook so I'm not complaining!!


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