Monday, April 2, 2012

Mercury Glass Altered Lamp with Vintage Flowers

When I spotted this glass container full of nasty and really old bath salts at the Second Hand store, I wasn't for sure if my idea of turning it into a lamp would be a success. It was pretty gross to begin with...but the price was right. Two whole dollars! It was super heavy too. 

Took the whole thing apart dumping the nasty contents out. It was old moldy stuck in a bottle forever scent, not anything nice anymore. 

The top I thought was some kind of wax and I'm still not sure as it was very sticky and hard to get clean. Took forever! The hot dishwasher helped quite a bit. So did pounding it with a screw driver!

Used Krylon Looking Glass paint and a spray bottle with vinegar and water, in a half/and half mixture. I have a tutorial on my blog here if you want more information on how to create this look.

Here is a close up of my flowers and bling. I feel super spoiled this month to be working from a new kit that is straight from a new up and coming One of a KIND Craft Embellishment On-line Shop called Zeus and Zoe. Marivic is super great at coordinating lovely paper and flowers. This little vintage flower cluster was in there and worked perfectly for my lamp.

My little image is from a book I picked up while junking that has these cool images. I used a metal sticker as a frame and modge podged the whole thing on carefully with some Shimmer Modge Podge for a bit of a gold tone.

And, how did I wire this lamp?

I am have been using power tools! This one I had to use THE MAN'S drill press to drill a hole in the large cork that came with this bottle. 

And here is a shot of that. I avoiding any drilling of glass (!!!!!) by using this floating method for the cord! 

Another item for my Junk2Funk show!

I am linking this up to French Country Cottage for their Bunny Blog Hop.  I love checking out all the projects each week!


  1. This is so completely NOT the way it looked when you bought it at all. That is the prettiest $2 revamp ever! That book image just sealed the deal on this lamp. Wonderful tutorial on how to!!

  2. ...and this one, too ~ just LOVE the colours you've used here. I really enjoy your imaginative. Thank you:):):)


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