Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Recycled Window Frame with Rainbow Knobs OR Invading THE MAN's SHOP

A while ago, I lucked into someone GIVING me two of these window frames. Actually, the dude was sneaking them outta his basement since his Mrs. thought she should hoard 30 of these bad boys. And I'm still not entirely sure whether I had a choice in taking them as they were in my truck before I knew it!

Anyhow, with the overall plan of getting my new little clay studio ready for clay, I figured it was high time this window frame was cleaned up and saw the light of day.

Now, I have my OWN window frame that I see every day and LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Mine was pretty simple. Smash out the glass over a huge garbage can, use a metal brush to clean it up, and voila! Love the imperfections. Oh. Left out scan second hand stores for these silver trays that seem to be cheap and only require some cleaning.

Check out that cutie pie frame I got there below. IT was a piece of ART and was in the second hand store. Broke my heart so I had to grab it.

See? I am not kidding. Someone made this by hand and took their time on it. And it was dusty!

Now this NEW frame was an adventure as I had to learn how to screw that top curvy piece onto the frame (it was originally separate and something my Dad passed along from his stash) and also, attach that little itty bitty molding on with an air nailer. Sooo, had to use a drill too to predrill the holes for the screws. YES. I am bragging. AND more importantly?

Yes, I am invading THE MAN'S shop AGAIN. 

The knobs involved more drilling of holes and actual measuring. 

And, you can see this frame has an overall consistently grungy look to it. That was deliberate and required massive amounts of gesso and then a nice brown inkpad. Easy Peasy.

And, a quick disclaimer as you are most likely working with Lead Based Paint on something this old. Do this project outside when you are brushing off any lose paint and NO LICKING the frame. OK? You got that?

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  1. I love what you did with that window! Bet it took a long time. The rainbow knobs are the perfect, whimsical touch.

  2. Love the frame, Mitra. You are the creativity queen.

  3. Well, I was going to duplicate this exactly, right up until you said no licking the paint! That just took the fun right out of it. ;)
    BRAVO on BOTH of your frames. They are completely unique and absolutely fun and useful. LOVE what you've created with them. :D

  4. Fantastic window frame! Love the distressed look and the knobs. TFS!!

  5. Lovely frames have such interesting knick-knacks in your home!
    Alison xx

  6. I subscribe to your blog via e mail but didn't get this post or anything beyond it!! Eeeek!! Blogger again!!! I will try resubscribing but that may indeed unsubscribe me LOL - uuuugh!!! Anyway, just LOVE the frame - total love!! Your distress technique may be easy peasy but it's also awfully awesome :)

  7. You certainly spent a lot of resources on your window frame, Mitra. It is indeed simple but unique and cute.

    Turning a window frame into something to be complimented by
    your visitors – now that's how old windows should end up.

  8. Hanging pictures on the transformed window frame is a wonderful idea, Mitra. It added life to the window frame, and it was given a new function too! Good work there!


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