Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Wreath with Modge Podge Nest

So, a couple of weekends back we ventured into town. No, not into either of the two small towns a stone's throw away from us. I mean all the way down an hour and a half to where they have craft stores.

I had spotted this wreath out in bloggy land at Top This Top That and had to make it. Of course, depending on whether I could find that burlap ribbon she had used....and the wreath frame.

Pop over there, her photos are amazing....(Sigh, her wreaths make me swoon as does her front doors)

As you can see, I did find it. Looked in two stores. One had a spool for like $8 while the next had it for $4. (Now thinking, it is POSSIBLE the spool for $8 had double the burlap...didn't check that!)

So fast forward to a couple of days later when I am weaving this burlap ribbon in and out of the wreath frame. It is SUPER SIMPLE and has a great look. So, don't think I did anything all that complicated. Hers is MUCH looser than mine, which could be why I ran out of ribbon half way through.

Insert some small cuss words here.

That was OK though, we can improvise!

Of course, while out shopping IN TOWN (hours away), I knew I wanted a nest on my wreath.

And a bird with eggs. And you know some other flowers and all that.

I looked and looked. Hated most everything that was out for spring in both craft stores. Finally opted to leave with a small green bird and no nest.

Opted to MAKE my own nest with some modge podge and shredded paper. I will do a tutorial on that soon, I promise!

The eggs I had were huge. Three left over paper mache eggs from the previous trip to town. I like to imagine my little green bird is just popping to check on them while Momma Chicken is gone off for a latte.

I added gesso and some paint/sparkles on my chicken eggs and glued them into my nest with real moss. As in the kind that grows back in our woods and is free. No craft store moss for me. ;-) Besides, I forgot to pick any up!

Also added into some real branches that came off some of the trees we have been cutting down. White birches have the nicest looking "twigs" and plus, have the obvious perk of being FREE. Added in a white birch branch for little green bird to sit on.

The green stuff around the nest is just hand dyed gauze. My favorite quick fix for when I'm missing they actually have to sell gauze locally here. People might need it for medical reasons!!!!

The wreath was still missing that POP though.

Thankfully a run to the Second Hand store scored these violets for a whole dollar. I KNOW!

I was excited myself.

So, I can't have spent a whole $10 on this wreath, but literally? It took several weeks to assemble as I was searching for the right stuff!

Thankfully the day before Easter it came together. Phew!

Happy Hump Day and thanks for stopping over on your way 'round blog land!


  1. Your wreath came out great! I am glad i could provided some inspiration.

  2. I'm actually glad you ran out of burlap ribbon, I love the final outcome that you created, with the outdoor/woodsy theme. Great project, Mitra.

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  4. HI.. this looks amazing... I love it!~ and I reckon you will do one like that for Christmas now!!!

  5. Will have to check out that link in a minute, love this, it is amazing, better than shop bought. LOL at your shopping expedition, would hate to think what happens when you run out of glue mid project LOL! Take care, Doreen x
    PS are you on Pinterest?

  6. Wow! This is just fab! You're so creative!

  7. Dude I cant keep up....I have to start working out to keep up with you!!...your wreath is GORGEOUS!!!!

  8. Aaaw I just love it and that birdie is just gorgeous!!

  9. Fabulous wreath! That sounds like a fun ribbon. Love the bird and the sweet nest. TFS!


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