Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Studio in Mayhem

Oh alright. As much as I was not excited about snow yesterday, I did get a good photo when I was out running and hacking on our trails yesterday. The ONLY reason I had my 'droid with me to grab this photo was I was attempting to stream music with it. I love the green against the white. There will be no answering the phone while running. Too much panting and hacking. Neighbor Shirley gets a gold star if she knows where this rock is.

And yes, I promised you MAYHEM and used the word Studio which makes the whole officey thing I got going next to two scrap areas sound romantic. I also fold laundry there too and eat at my desk....so don't get crazy.

THIS is what my husband normally sees. The more things are nuts, the more everyone stays away...shhhhh, don't tell them that....

Want another view that looks worse?

Yes, that is a pumpkin. Still thinking on that.

And yes, that is an exercise ball. The theory was once a day or so I'd replace that ball with my chair and you know, work on abs. I'll let you know when I start....

This is a more unlikely shot of what my room looks like. It's this way usually Monday am. I MAKE myself clean up so I behave while I work at my desk.

Most of my scrappin is done standing up.

So, the chair is for holding things sometimes and mostly just for looks.

That corner entertainment is the bottom piece of a tall tv stand and my hubby added the top in for me at one point. The piece of wood he used was an old drafting table he had in his family. I find it inspiring when I can actually see the top of it. Like, right now? There is a kit sitting out on it with another project. Like a visual reminder that I need to get to work!!!

And the official end of the tour is here....

You can get off the train. No just kidding.

Head over to Scrapbooker's Anonymous and link up some photos of your studio. Shhh, don't be shy.

Did you see my PHOTOS? For sure Better Homes and Garden's has a photo shoot planned for my house, NOT!

Happy Tuesday or Hump Day if you are reading this on Wednesday in Australia!


  1. WT...freak!!!!!!!!!!SNOW seriously????????????
    I love where your studio is situated nice and high you have a fabulous view!!! it also looks so roomy!!!!
    perfect for a friendly crop!! can i come?

  2. Reading from my BlackBerry but will have a better snoop on the pc tomorrow! With a view like that I would be daydreaming out that window constantly!!! What a lovely, big room you have. My space is teeny by comparison. Doesn't look like you have tons of storage though. There's a scrapper with a similar room to you that has kitted her space out like a kitchen with fitted units and it looks really purposeful. I think her name is Catherine. I'll try to find her address for you but I haven't visited her for ages so can't remember offhand. Anyway, it looks great on a Monday morning - like mine too! But a perfect studio means nothing is happening in there so stuff everywhere is a very good sign!

  3. I really love your space! Your window is awesome, and I love how you have different "stations" to work at. Also, thanks for showing what the room really looks like when you're working on something to make me feel a little better about the horrendous photos I posted! :)

  4. Seriously good looking scrappy space. What's with the empty walls??? Fill 'em up!!!! Then I won't fee so bad with my OTT non existent wall space! Please tell me i'm seeing things...that's NOT a witch on a broomstick on the window, is it? I have v poor eyesight & v good imagination!!!????!!!! ADORE the corner unit. LOVE stuff with a story:):)

  5. Love your scrappy space...my bedroom looks really bad when I'm hard at "work"! ;)

  6. Hi.. mayhem ey!!?? well I love the look of a busy space and sometimes you can just be toooo tidy... and if it keeps the people out when it is messy, then I know how I would have it 24/7!!! and the snow looks great.. no snow here today. a bit breezy though. and it is Anzac day here, a day of reflection and gratitude for our armed forces who have served in the wars.. enjoy the rest of your week..

  7. Your room looks well loved and lovely to be in - by the way Mitra I left you an award on my blog.

  8. Wow!..not just a little bit of snow then? Love that you start off with that tidy space and then the progression to midweek!..I don't feel quite so bad now!
    Alison xx

  9. Hunted down that blog for you! Her room is a similar shape to yours and she has a studio tour there somewhere - if it's not easy to search for or find in the archives I'm sure she could direct you to it! May be interesting for you!! http://snapsandsnippets.blogspot.com/

  10. Love your blogging style! You crack me up...and just what are you going to do with that pumpkin???? :) Great space you have, so glad you played along with us at Scrapbookers Anonymous!

  11. Seriously, a great space to do your art- scrap booking plus!
    I have always imagined that your room looked messier at times (when I was not there). But I do not have 'a leg to stand on' judging by my glass studio! though it is better right NOW. Now my office space is still quite freaky!
    HAPPY CREATING! Gretchen

  12. I love the view from and shape of your studio and it looks so large! I hardly have an inch of floor not being covered by something (it is pretty hard to walk in my study). TFS!!

  13. I got a good chuckle on some of your comments.. specifically about using the ab ball. I always have good intentions. isn't that how all great idea come to be.. =) Love your space. so much room. Thanks so much for playing along with us this month at Scrapbookers Anonymous. =)


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