Saturday, April 14, 2012

So Yesterday.....

So yesterday I ventured out of the house. I would like to leave more often. My lunches of whatever we had last night for dinner sometimes are quite lame. Thai would be nice once in a while. We have a great Thai place in Potsdam. The downside is whenever I leave people call me. From work. So, turns Thai into work which is less than fun.

Anyhow, I had a hair appointment and de-thatching scheduled at a lovely place called The Body Shop. Since I have a trip to HQ next week in Pennsylvania, this is necessary. It has been since before Christmas so quite a while.

I go and see this girl that does hair fast.

This is a requirement in my overall well being.

The fast part.

See, normally I try to make appointments there around lunch time.

And then I sit with my phone and watch the e-mails roll in. And chat via Skype.

It's ridiculous I can't go and sit still somewhere and enjoy someone else washing my hair.

Somehow sitting still is not my idea of fun and I twitch through the whole thing. Hence the fast part is less twitching on my part.

Anyhow, yesterday when I arrived, things were flying.

The shop had a frantic air about it.

And the girl who had me scheduled said, sorry, I'm way behind.

I smiled, suggested perhaps just a quick cut and de-thatching and I'd be on my way. Back for some high lights later...

My idea of a hair style is a pony tail. And my firm rule with myself is if it's hot and wax, leave it for the professionals.

I got the LOOK and my pony tail ripped out.

The Fast Hair Girl said, NO. You are not going to PA with THOSE roots.

I told her she was now off my Christmas Card list for her stinging words.

She laughed and said sit and proceeded to wax my mangy eyebrows and giggle.

OH, it HAS been a while she says while waving a furry wax covered strip.

She is slightly sadistic, but I am telling you, she does the best pedicures.

So, anyhow, two hours later and a bit lighter in the check book, I am now allowed to go on my trip.

Of course, THE MAN didn't notice when I got home. Gave him several hints that I had my hair done. So, he decided to try a compliment. He said: OH. It looks the same as it normally does.


Anyhow, it was a good idea I had not asked for a manicure since I proceeded to spray paint in the driveway last evening.

Like HOT WAX, spray paint and I have issues. BUT, I thought I might get around to posting this shelf I spray painted earlier this month and hung by my scrapping stuff.

It was red, white, and blue before. And donated to my cause by my friend IRL Lisa.

Waiting to see if Lisa from Kansas notices that little altered container she made is on display. (It is right there in the center with stick pins in the altered top). And then there is the box Shirley made with the flowers on the left...and a cute little vase my SIS IN LAW sent me on the right...Fun stuff. Makes me happy to look at it...

Plus, it clears up surface area to scrap in.

Anyhow, Happy Saturday!


  1. Bummer about hubby not noticing... I guess I am used to Brian who is over-ally observant!! LOL!! I loveeeee the story though!! Tooooo cute!

  2. Missed your blog! Your posts always make me smile :) I hate faffing at the hairdressers too...I did have a facial and eyebrow wax when we were away & it was seriously sadistic. She had a spot scraper that she ran across my nose & it took off the top layer I swear!! Love the shelf - looks great! My hubs doesn't notice when I get my hair done either but that's just guys for you, don't worry, they show their love in other ways...Enjoy your business trip next week!!

  3. Great shelf....v handy:) I've just been to the hairdressers & shouted myself to foils. Never had 'em before..was my 50th bday pressie to myself!!! And...we're home from QLD & your LOVELY parcel was waiting for me. I ADORE your crackle embellies & the flowers look so dang professional it's disheartening. For me ~ not you:):) Thanks heaps, Mitra...better go unpack....

  4. where's the picture?? If you get a haircut etc we want pictures, we will appreciate it even if The man does not (BTW I get pretty much the same reaction here unless it is an awful haircut - then he notices!!)

    Love the shelf, looks goooood...

    have fun on your trip. xx

  5. I did see it, I did!!! :) Those stick pins make it all come together. Love your shelf.

    I had the worst time picking yesterday. The forces of good and evil were at conflict with each other and I only came out with 2 small things. When I first walked in, a dust particle fell in my eye and so the rest of the picking was done with one eye open and the other closed tight, streaming tears down my face.
    I kept mumbling, "WWMP, WWMP" Finally the hubster said, "What the hell are you saying over there?" I yelled across the store, "What Would Mitra Pick?" Would have been much better with your insight and the use of two eyeballs, but nevertheless I did find 2 things. One of which was something I didn't see on the floor in front of me, due to the tears, and tripped over it. Followed up with, "Son of a....OH, that's cute!!"

    Anywho, love the pictures and the inspiration!
    Me :)

  6. My DH very rarely notices new hairdos either!
    Alison xx

  7. Sorry still having a giggle over Helen's post as well. Im not big at going to the hairdressers until I am I think this is the only reason why my husband does notice because its no longer then in a pony tail. Your craft room is looking clean, sorry I ment lovely and so does your display.


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