Thursday, April 5, 2012

at the Roxy Layout for Once Upon A....Sketch Challenge

There is a new challenge up at Once Upon a....Sketch that I think is pretty cool. 

And here is what they have to say:  

The theme of this challenge is HOME. 
We would like you to create a layout and interpret the theme "HOME" however you like based on the following sketch. You can journal as little or as much as you like, but your layout must incorporate this theme  and this sketch.  

Here is the sketch they would like you to use. Since I used a HUGE background image from The Lorax book, mine looks a bit different. 

Can you see my little journaling card that is hidden under my photo? Here is what my hidden journaling says:

on rainy weekends, the kids and I like to hit the home town movie theater. For someplace pretty small, the Roxy has good prices for movies and the latest ones out. Also the owner gives out half dollars as change! 

My interpretation of their challenge was to create a page about something I noticed right away in this town. Where we came from, we had to drive to the mall for the movies and it would cost a fairly huge amount of money to go, not to mention the drive. Here, the movie theater is downtown and is run by a nice local guy. The snacks are still hugely expensive, but the tickets are not. So, pretty much we do like to go to the movies a lot when it's rainy. And it's a homey kind of thing you know? Like we have a Main Street and all that's kinda cool! Small Town USA.

Check out that font, it's a download from Heather and is free if you wish to try it!

And here is a close up of my scallops, twine and some funky paint I used on the edge. 

And how about the little Lorax I fussy cut? Is he not adorable?

And another corner with some funky paint! I used Tim Holtz Rock Candy, two different colors of alcohol ink, some turquoise Mr. Huey, and!!!! The little dots that fell out when I punched the added into the mix like confetti with some glitter. My first attempt using confetti!  

And, a little about the movie? It is adorable. We saw it in 3D and enjoyed it quite a lot. Of course, it did make me feel very badly about cutting any trees! Which is of course is something we do every weekend for next winter's heat. So, I mentioned to THE MAN how short sighted I kinda thought it was. Got the eyes. He said, hello, it's written for young children! It was a good point. Our tree cutting is limited to ones that are marked by the Dept. of Environmental Conservation as being trees that will allow other straighter trees to thrive and move our forest to an old growth forest. And, I think that concept is a big over the top when it comes to a kids movie! 

Go see it, it's cute and enjoy! And when I feel unlucky as my nearest big craft store is an hour and a half away, I'll remember that the latest movies are playing down on Main Street at the Roxy which is also located next to the locally made chocolate shop. 


  1. Love your interpretation of the challenge Mitra. Great page and love that pic. So much color and The Lorax, well we actually saw it just today and I loved it as did the kids.

  2. Oh this is just so sweet! Love your take on the sketch! Tks. for playing along with us at OUAS!

  3. Love how you used the images from the book!

  4. Sounds like great memories to share and to scrap!!! Love how you used the images of the book too! This is so creative! Thank you for playing along with us for our birthday at OUAS!

  5. Great take on the challenge the fussy cutting!
    Alison xx

  6. Haven't seen the movie yet, wish my kids were young again and wanted to go to the movies with their mother!

  7. Haven't seen the movie yet, wish my kids were young again and wanted to go to the movies with their mother!

  8. Fabulous and such a fun layout! Love all the different elements and the great colour. TFS!

  9. Love the colors!!! Everytime I think of the Lorax, it reminds me of IHOP, they had the Lorax special with all the bright they give the kids free seeds to plant. So there, you don't need to feel guilty..take the kids to Ihop and get free seeds with the kids meal, hopefully you will get colorful blooms with it too..

    Love the page and the elements you used..

  10. Muito lindo seu LO!!!!
    Adorei o colorido e o personagem divertido:)

  11. I loved the carefree feeling in the colors- there is a riotous cartoon feeling, and JOY! NICE combination of elements all around.
    Going to the movies is a great way to share time, and travel in the fun imaginary dimension!


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