Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Altered Treasure Cigar Box

So, last Friday night we were kid-free. As a rare opportunity, THE MAN asks what I want to do with my night. Too many left overs in the fridge to go out AND I really want hardware.

I suggest a trip to Lowes.

I know. I know. I need to live it up!!! BUT....

Do you see those white feet peeking out of the bottom?

Those are glass shower door rollers!


I was super excited myself.

And that little gold latch was there too!

Ok, so you can see them better here, the shower roller feet. They are super simple to attach. I couldn't use the fancy smancy ones Tim Holtz has because they wouldn't let my door open....and we all want to open the box to put the treasure inside!

And a quick shot of the back of the cigar box too, so you can see that is even pretty with a vintage article!

Thank you Lisa from Kansas for those awesome hinges! I certainly made good use of them here with the pearl "nails" and the crackle paint!

And, I'm off to the greater wilds of PA! See ya on the flip side!


  1. Absolutely, LOVE this treasure box. Everything blends into the next so nicely, can't stop looking at all of the details. Great project, Mitra.

  2. Wow! This is GORGEOUS! I loveeeeee the added door knobs!

  3. You are such a busy creative lady, so inspirational I love it.

  4. HI.. I just had to pop in here before heading into the land of nod.. (pretty late here!) wow.. this looks amazing.. you are so creative!! and the post before this one and the bottle... incredible what you do to give new life to things.. love these!!

  5. Wow another super gorgeous project!! Love it inside and out. Beautiful flowers and those feet are so clever! TFS!!

  6. Well absolutely we want to be able to open the box! I'm sitting here just shaking my head, trying to untie my brain and decipher just the right words to describe yet another MP masterpiece!
    I'm collecting a pile of drool on my keyboard as this is over the top gorgeous and shower door rollers? Can I get a 'what what' up in here! That is sooo way PHAT!

    Enjoy the trip!

  7. More gorgeousness..have a safe trip!
    Alison xx

  8. wow! This is just GORGEOUS!!!!!!!

  9. This is totally stunning, I just wanted to pop on over and thank you for all the kind comments you leave me on my blog. You are truly talented and I love seeing what you have got up to. Oh and omg you are so lucky to have a store like that near you! HEaven!!!!

  10. Gorgeous work!!

    So you had been shopping eh? No AC Moore here, just Michaels and hobby lobby. It seems like the prices are about the same.

    If you go to Michaels again. There is a 20 percent off coupon at Family Circle. It is worth buying the magazine.

    Talk more soon.


  11. Very cool! I get excited with a trip to the hardware store too!! So many possibilities!!!


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