Thursday, July 5, 2012

Dear Heart Altered Art Embroidery Hoop Using Nice Crane Designs Image

So, the other day I was wandering around the second hand store in Potsdam and spotted a few of these embroidery hoops up for grabs. One was old and metal. Of course, that is the one I liked best.

Got the idea of adding some thin material to this hoop, adding a layer of gesso, then modge podging on some unique doilies with a new flavor of Modge Podge, and then adding more gesso.

Now I hesitate to show you these next photos just in case you think I am bragging...

I know you are going to want my lunch pail. This was also at the same shop. I fell in love with the cotter pin that is holding the one latch together. And the rust and the BIG V for Victory! I feel successful every time I pick this beauty up.

What does this lovely item contain you ask? My collection of horded Modges.

Puleeese don't be jealous that I love my modge so much I have to have as many flavors I can find.

My point of course with these two photos was to point out that the Antique Matte Modge was what I used on the doilies and you can just see it peeking out from under the gesso and ink that I added.

OH, give me a close up you say, show me what you are talking about.

Can you see the old grungy yellow? That is the modge. Which I like toned down a bit with some gesso.

The image, believe it or not is from Alice in Wonderland Magic collection over at Nice Crane Designs. I can imagine playing with this set a whole lot more. The queen makes me really happy as does the Alice with the Crown.

My Sis in Law is here to visit and I thought she needed a nice little present to remind her of her trip to NY.

So, I am giving this art to her. I am hoping when she is having a rough day that she remembers her family in NY and imagines us giving her a hug. Hence the little saying on the little metal piece:  Dear Heart.

Hope she loves it! Have a great Thursday, we're almost to the weekend now!


  1. Scuse my ignorance...I thought there was only ONE sort of have set me aright AGAIN!!!!! Great hoop use... MUST get over to Nice Crane...they really are WONDERful images. Love how you used the doilies on this one:):):)

  2. Absolutely stunning,,,,, incredible ,,, love your creativity. you are always innovating and experimeting new ideas and my Alice pict look great here.

  3. Wow!!!!!!!!!! This is just gorgeous! I absolutely love everything about it! You are sooooooooooooooooo creative!

  4. I love mod podge too! But you have more than me so I can be jealous. There just isnt enough mod podge in the world for my liking.

  5. Trying to comment from my phone here! This looks so sweet and that modge looks amazing!! You are the best SIL! Mine here is too busy to see us - very sad :(

  6. I LOVE this! The aged look is just lovely, and I love Alice! :)

  7. Love the doilies and the mod podgeing. Do you get coloured podge in the UK? We only get the transparent in matt or gloss here!

  8. Love the new life you've given to the embroidery hoop! Beautiful!!
    I don't use a lot of Modge Podge, but I am so envious of that fabulous lunch box!!


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