Thursday, December 29, 2011

Bedrock: One Meaningful Word and a page for The Color Room

nonono the page is not crooked....I meant it to be that way....kind of in a not perfect kind of way....

Thought I'd try this "one little word" thing a lot of people are talking about in Blog Land...Looks like it's an Ali Edwards thing. I read about it FIRST in Guideposts however, so not entirely sure who to give credit to. It is a great story, by the way in Guideposts, so have a quick read if you have a minute. 

Regardless, this word snapped into my brain and I thought it was about time to do page with the whole new year coming and also my birthday. It's a good one for my book about Me that I stared a while back. 

Hence the 38 on the side of the page. YES, I will be 38 on the 30th. And, please do stop back tomorrow for a give away. I'd like to thank anyone reading for replying and commenting and plain ole stalking me.

Inspiration for this page came from the latest challenge over at The Color Room. When this came in I gasped. It's the pink. Hurt my brain for a minute. THE MAN who was taking a quick wander by came over to see who died due to my exclamation and peered onto my screen. He laughed and said, GUESS you are not doing that one any time soon. 

Hahahahahah! Yes, I will do it because it hurts. BUT, if you compare their palette to my pink. I did fail miserably.

Do I get points for trying?

Do you not love this little tree? It's by Kaisercraft. If you are local, you must stop into Misty Hollow. Bob has been buying all these cute things I love. Plus, I am pretty sure his prices beat on-line. How can you go wrong with local? 

The silver star and silver eye lash ribbon is from Shirley's Stash....and the tree is glittered up with um......nail polish. Someone got some really pretty shimmery nail polish from their Fairy God Mother Marilyn and I may have swiped it for my chipboard, which also got a coat of Fairy Glitter Dust from Donna Salzar. Yes, Bob bought these beautiful salt shakers and I squealed with excitement. Santa just might have put one in my stocking. I'm not sayin' it was me...

And one more photo of my bling....

And, why you ask is there a Santa on my shoulder?

It could be worse. This one got a few laughs. The hubby put the bow on my head and Santa on my shoulder, but I guess he was cold???? Anyhow, they all had a good laugh. Since I didn't feel Santa trying to climb down my shirt, I was very confused. 

How did you amuse your family at Christmas? And, if you are doing a "one little word" project, let me know! I'd love to check it out!


  1. AWESOME lo!! I love love love that photo of you (Ok... I love both photos of!) and loving the tree and the fibers!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. That reminds me....I haven't watch Bad Santa this year yet! ;)

  3. That pink threw quite a few people off! Eeeek!! Your shade is far nicer :) And yup I'll be doing my OLW post soon enough...

  4. What a fun picture!

    Happy (belated) birthday. I am also 38, but only for a few more weeks. I hope you had a terrific birthday.

    I like your OLW - it's different from most that I've read, more concrete, down to earth... gosh, every thought is a pun tonight... don't mind me :-)

    Love your LO too.


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