Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Shirley's Altered Cheese Box

I just got an e-mail a bit ago from Shirley and opened it. Good thing I wasn't on the phone with anyone and the only witness to my freak show was the dog sleeping under the desk.


Look at this box! Shirley's Mr. picked it up for her at auction and it used to be a cheese box. I KNOW!!!

So exciting. I have one too (thanks Bob!). Mine is all plain waiting for me to come up with something clever.

I may have skyped her something to similar to:  you had better lock your doors, 'cause I am coming for that box!

I am sorry you don't live next to Shirley. And to think the real estate agent never even listed her as as selling point to this house. I had to figure that out for myself.


It is a funny story.

I had just started my new job working at home. I think it actually was my first day.

Kids were at home since school hadn't started and it was HOT HOT HOT. AND, I was on a skype call with like 18 other people. And I hear the sound of putt-putt-putt. There is a gator at my door. John Deere Gator is like a golf cart only much better. It was Bob and Shirley coming over to invite our kids to swim. Using my quick thinking on the fly skills I said yes and they were gone running across the huge lawn between our houses, swim suits in tow in five seconds.

Now, for the record, I don't just let anyone take my kids. I hadn't even BEEN to Shirley's house or done a back ground check with the FBI. It just seemed good.

That was two summers ago and they have spent a lot of time in her pool. And Shirley has spent more time with a hot glue gun and paper than she ever thought possible. Yes, the paper addiction crossed the property line and has spread...and we're both richer for sure!


  1. Holy Toledo Batman...that's a GAW-JOUS cheese box!!!
    Oh, if only your dog could tell the story. :D
    LOVE this!!

  2. I'm moving in, sounds fab!! If only there wasn't the little issue of an ocean between us...

    loving the cheese box, so very cool!xxx

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeee that box....and that is a CUTE story about your meeting her!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. wow.. this is stunning... really jazzed up the cheese box!! love it!


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