Saturday, December 31, 2011

Scrapbook Cake Giveway Image

hey! Don't forget I'm having a birthday giveaway!

Here is some help for linking up to this on your blog.

Julie inspired me to create an image to use in my Scrapbook Cake Giveaway and boy did I have fun setting up a tiny little scene this morning and playing around with some text.

In the background is that cool box Shirley made and I may have said would make a lovely birthday gift for me!!!!!!

The silver FRAME is one I picked up yesterday at North Country  Neighbors and I felt like I scored since it's super heavy and pretty. Plus, the girl selling it is donating money to help kids in the North Country.

THOSE cupcakes there are the best I've tasted. This local girl up here runs a business called Simply Cupcakes and hands them out at all the craft fairs. One taste and you have to buy a box.

Lisa drove all the way to Malone yesterday to get us some. We had been scoring cupcakes for free since we hit a lot of craft fairs and those disposable mustaches I brought meant we could pretend to be different people and try all the kinds. And my friend Kristy thought she sent them for my kids. I am sure she would understand how a girl has to do what a girl has to do to get these treats!

Guess it was time we actually purchase a few......boxes. ;-)

PLUS, I feel all proud of myself. I figured out how to add my own give-away to my sidebar. Silly me. It was super easy. Oooopsie!!!!

Here is all the info below on the giveaway:

I had to make a cute box to store it all in. And include a shot of our snow that is so pretty....It's much prettier on the ground than in the air in my opinion.

And, a close up of the front:

OH! You want to see what is inside it???  Flowers you can only get in Potsdam!

These are pretty 3D. Perfect for a box or a frame...but also have a magnet on the back!

Most of them are made by the very crafty super star here in the North Country...The Mad Recycler!

So, the rules. (btw, Lisa from You Made Me Ink, if these look a wee bit familiar...I'm just sayin' I may have borrowed can have them back later)

1.  You don't have to follow my blog to receive this cake.  Since it's Birthday Cake, all are welcome.  However, I would greatly appreciate it if you did, only if you find inspiration in my pages and projects.
2.  Leave me a comment with some kind of contact info and the link to your link below.
3.  Only ONE ENTRY per person, please! 
4.  Please add a photo of this cake on your side bar if you would and link back to me. If you (like me) are confused on how to do that, a simple post will work with a photo and a link.

If, by any chance you can recommend some amazing, funny, quirky blogs that you love, that would be greatly appreciated! I have a couple I follow strictly because they make me laugh! OH and challenge blogs too. 

 I will leave this open until next Friday and draw a name using a very scientific method. If I get real crazy, maybe I'll figure out how to do one of those random number generator thingies. 

And hey, if you are stalking me from Facebook, repost my blog link on your main page and I will count that!

Alright, good luck!

And if you feel inclined to eat a piece of REAL cake today, I won't blame you. All this talk of cake has made me hungry!


  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! LOVE IT! Happy New Year! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. I'm a follower and you already have my email! I think the box and flowers are beautiful and I'd like to say Happy Birthday to you too!!

    I'm going to see if I can move things around and put you in my blog sidebar right now. Happy New Year!

  3. I could have sworn I left a message for this cool cake...
    Am I losing my mind??? Wait, don't answer that.

  4. Beautiful box and happy birthday! Thanks for including my flowers!

  5. Beautiful Box!! love the contents too!! LOl LOL
    new challenge blog??....mine dahhhhh

    its bilingual and I am expecting you to play along this year LOL LOL LOl.....seriously open to all

    off to add the pic to my side bar
    p.s jealous of the snow!!

  6. Happy New Year and a Happy Birthday too. I love the box and all the goodies. Those cupcakes do look yummy. I think the little scene you set up is really cool. Oh creative you. Bet you had fun.

  7. GORGEOUS!!! WOW! I love this box. Happy New Year!


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