Friday, December 9, 2011

Thrifting and Gifting: Some Special Trees

I spent a large chunk of Oct/November entertained on the blogging front by Lisa's 12 Days of Christmas Milk Cartons. Between the vintage TVreal windows to the ice made out of sandwich bags, I was constantly amazed. Today I went to her blog to grab some links and it's SNOWING on her blog. Seriously? That is some talent. Although, I like invisible snow personally or the kind that is sparkly on a Christmas card. 

Anyhow, the other day she sent me these funky metal leaves and some hedge apples. The leaves and I are working through some issues, (meaning I need to channel my inner Tim Holtz and make something super awesome) but the hedge apples and I are quite happy. They are funny little fruits that are basically inedible but have that funky green color. And, they have a bit of a citrus smell. Since my parents are Master Gardeners I bought some with me for Turkey Day and Dad and I spent some time googling their uses.

Basically, it appears they are good for feeding squirrels. Or poking them full of cloves. Either way, I love them with their ugly.

So, thought I would send her something funky back preferably something green. I first thought little trees to go with her milk cartons until I (duh MITRA!) realized they hang on the tree. So, I made them anyway. But thought they needed little stumps. I was thinking corks 'til I spotted this post by Patti West where she made trees and used these candle sticks she found at Walmart. Plus, she is local to me so I knew odds were that I could find them. Of course, adding a candle stick would make the tree much much bigger than a milk carton. BUT, so pretty! On the way to the store I ran into North County Neighbors where they were having a huge holiday bash. (as in free cookies and hot coco). And found this other little beauty, one single sad candle stick (silver none the less) from Oneida Silversmith. OH, poor little lonely candlestick, I can make you happy!

I love re purposing something, in fact, with the exception of the Styrofoam cones and pearl head pins, everything on both trees pretty much are using up old stash. The old buttons and lace were from Marilyn and   dyed where appropriate.

So hopefully they arriving at Lisa's house in one piece. I begged the nice guy at the post office to take care of them.

And, look at my other find! This cutie pie puppy dog! He reminds me of my Westie so I had to bring him home.I don't think I will change him up at all. Too cute and faded already.

And last but not least, this lovely light blue bowl. I think it used to house butter. It might have been a whole $3. I know, loveliness can also be cheap! It is holding some of my more special ribbon. The pup up there was quite a bit more, like $15, but boy, he is making me happy hanging out with my scrap stuff! 

Fun times! Thanks for hanging with me my friend and keep up inspiring!


  1. hi Mitralee! I see you found a candlestick from Walmart! :) :) I think the Better Homes & Gardens items they sell there are so nice. I love your trees!!! Using buttons and ribbon is brilliant.:) Thank you for the shout-out. hugs, patti

  2. OMGosh,OMGosh,OMgosh....see! I told you it was soooooo worth it to camp out at the mailbox. Alas, they have still not arrived....but I'm gonna live vicariously through these images until I have them in my hands!!

    WOO HOO!

    Still giggling about the hedge apple escapade!

  3. Loveeeeeeeeeeee all your finds!! That doggie is ADORABLE!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. Oh wow, these are so gorgeous, I could just look and look at them. The trees are absolutely stunning and I love their bases. TFS!!

  5. You are a bargain finder & a treasure hunter! I adore the dog!! The bowl is absolutely droool worthy & the trees are fabulous! Not sure if you made those or not though? Either way they are terrific!

  6. Or should I say TREEfic!! (okay I'll go now...)


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