Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Expect the Unexpected Page for Once Upon A....Sketch

Nothing like throwing a scrap page in the mix with preparing for Christmas! But, there are some challenges I just love to do and this one made me think. In fact, I didn't even plan on doing the challenge until I came up with  my answer. 

Here are the requirements at Once Upon a Sketch:

 December 1st Challenge

Journalling Criteria/theme: The thing I look most forward to in December.

Write at least 2 sentences on what you look forward to in the next month. December is a festive month so your journalling could be about the Christmas season, the holidays, the presents or if you do not celebrate Christmas what does December bring for you that you look most forward to? Note:You layout DOES NOT have to be about Christmas! It can be about anything December brings.

Other ideas for journalling: an annual holiday or celebration, a specific event such as putting up the Christmas tree or pre Christmas traditions you might have leading up to Christmas, family time, snow covered fields or warmer weather, time off work, school holidays, change of weather, new season fruit.

And here is the lovely sketch provided:

What the holiday turns into here in the States gets under my skin. Crowded stores, over-spending, and panic are a few words that come to mind. It loses meaning quickly and I struggle to maintain what I feel is important during this month. The essence of the holiday if you will. 

But there are a few things in December that rock my world.

The other day I was watching the morning news and a service woman home finally from serving her country hid herself in a box and jumped out at her kids and hubby as a surprise for Christmas. The old tears got flowing and I had to beat a hasty retreat.

It really is the unexpected that warms my heart and is what I look forward to. 

So, I came up with my answer to this challenge the other day when Lexi and I put up our tree. She decided to help after her brother left on an overnight. Luke had promised to be on Team Christmas Tree which basically consisted of me and him. She looked at me and asked why we didn't just put on our very favorite ornaments and call it good. It was a worthy idea. That way we got just a little of tree decorating and everyone was happy. 

Well, I was super happy with the simplicity of it all. And we enjoyed talking about what our favorites were. Also, with less ornaments I really love our tree better. 

At the end I was picking up and noticed a slim little black box that held an ornament I knew I need to hang. 

It was the ornament used to commemorate The City Christmas Tree in Rome NY. My Mom got the ornament for THE MAN and I as we got engaged under that tree several days before Christmas years and years ago. 


I mean, I know I am married quite obviously. But it's not like we celebrate our engagement anniversary. 

It seems like forever ago standing in the cold with a ring that was waaaaaayyyyy too big since my hands were so cold. I was shaking and of course I said yes. But, really. I had no idea what a large decision that was. I also remember how upset his parents were since they had no idea he was going to propose. THE MAN did always seem to do whatever the heck he wanted to do. EVEN then. 

Here is a peek at my journaling and also a close up for a recent photo of us. WHICH randomly we are wearing some colors that match my paper. Go figure. It is almost like we planned it. ;-)

And, let me explain how I made the title. I cut out the letters on my Silhouette and glued them on with spray adhesive. I have been using stickers lately for titles and these letters made me mad due to their flatness. Got out some puffy paint and glitter. They were a little better, so then got out a marker and grunged them up a bit. And found a little itty bitty "the" for the center. I like them now. 

It was peaceful working on this page and writing this post. I heard the sound of the things falling into place in my brain and I'm ready for a more meaningful unexpected holiday. 


  1. Awwwww,
    This post moved me. :D It's wonderful!!!

  2. Awwww, what a sweet story, and it is a wonderful post like Lisa said! Thank you for sharing this, and thank you for playing along with us at OUAS! It's a gorgeous page also!!!

  3. What a beautiful page. I love the journaling. :)

  4. that is a wonderful memory that is for sure.. and a fabulous layout!!!

  5. touching journaling!
    Thank you so much for joining us in the OUAS challenge!

  6. I apologose for my absence....I am trying to catch up on your dad's stories!
    Your layout is gorgeous, I love the idea behind the layout the journalling everything...just gorgeous!

  7. Love this page. Your comments made me want to be there on that very night. Great tree too.

  8. This is so romantic! He proposed in Rome? Beautiful layout and journaling!!! Thanks for sharing it with us at OUAS!

  9. "What the holiday turns into here in the States gets under my skin. Crowded stores, over-spending, and panic are a few words that come to mind. It loses meaning quickly and I struggle to maintain what I feel is important during this month. The essence of the holiday if you will."

    I so could've written that myself! I'm struggling really hard to find the spirit this year and I'm not succeeding very well. Lady's birthday was Christmas Day and I'm missing her something fierce and it's taken the joy out of my season. I'm going to keep trying though because you've inspired me!

    What an amazing Christmas story! I had to laugh when you said that your husband always did what he wanted even back then. LOL

    Oh and there will definitely be a page about Kody getting lumps of coal from Santa for stepping on his foot. (I'll sneak him some peppermints though because he didn't step on MY foot. LOL)

  10. Oh what a gorgeous romantic page. I just love everything here. What a beautiful memory.

  11. What's 10 years between husband and wife? 2 kids, a couple of dogs, a few cats, career changes, a car or two, your first mortgage... Sooooo, while I bet 2005 was a very special year for you, my guess is that 1995 was even more so! Heehee...

  12. I have something more to add about the Season. The first thing you should know is that I love Christmas so much that I used to work in a Christmas store. The second thing you should know is that there is nothing more important to me than seeing my children inspired/happy/excited. The third things you should know is that I see life lesson in every single day. As a family we just adore Christmas... the lights that people put up to bring a little joy to passersby, the gifts that you pick for the ones that you love, the "wishes of the season" you hear in just about every passing conversation as the days count down. I too agree that the overconsumerism of our society is hard to take, especially when so many people do without the basics. Since I can't change other people's lives in one magical day we do what we can. Buy a couple extra gifts for kids we know that can use them, drop toys off to charity, add to the kettle, buy food for a needy family and all the while remind the kids just how good they have it. Today, much to our surprise, our 8 year old daughter informed Santa that she didn't want anything for Christmas because she doesn't need anything. Our mouths hit the floor as we stood in awe of this little person who has been taught to consume from Day 1, who does not see technology, toys, or anything else that she sees on tv as something she needs. Yeah, I love Christmas, and this year is a magical one!

  13. Gorgeous and inspiring!
    Thank you for playing along at Once Upon A ....Sketch!

  14. Stunning layout and great story. Lots of great Christmas stuff on the layout. TFS!!


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