Saturday, December 31, 2011

in Honor of Saturdays...

So, a bit ago my friend Kristy asked me for a photo of me on the phone. I assigned the task to Lexi who giggled and jiggled all the way through taking one. I e-mailed it to Kristy not really thinking much. I mean, she said, Don't Ask Why so I didn't.

Around Christmas I got presented with this lovely page!

Kristy and I struggle to keep up yet four to five hours apart by car but when we meet up in real life, it's like no time has passed.

And that fancy smancy paper she has used as her background? That goes alllllllll the way back in my blog to last March where I had some wall paper from my Childhood room cut into scallops. Here is the post. Kristy was MOVING then so her life was in an uproar!

If you would, leave her some love! Someday soon I hope to suck her into Blog Land!!! ;-)


  1. Saturdays with BFFs are the best! Awesome shot that your daughter took and how COOL is that wallpaper from your childhood days. :D

    As for your friend joining blog land...YES, you must bring her over to the dark side.
    Did you tell her we have cookies????

  2. What a fun page she made for you!! I loveeeeeeeeee it! Happy New Year! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  3. This is so sweet & precious! What a beautiful gift :) Happy New Year from me - it's 3.36 am & you do NOT want to know what I am doing right now!!

  4. Oh Mitra! My plans for this page were sooo different from how it came out. But I did know that "momma drama" was going to be a part of it. Sorry, it makes me laugh!!!!
    Lisa, what kind of cookies?


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