Monday, December 26, 2011

Chooks for Christmas: Gladys and Alex

For Christmas we had two special visitors. A Silver Polish Rooster and Hen came to visit. They hung out in our heated garage until the neighbors swooped in to rescue them. They were named after our neighbors growing up who were from Poland, so their name cracked me up!

Above, Luke is clucking to them. He didn't sound convincing, as far as I could tell.

Originally they were part of my Mom's coop, but the other larger sized male rooster had a big problem with Mr. Fancy Pants Alex and tried to smash him repeatedly. So, some serious chicken intervention was needed.

They were separated from the others in her coop, but it was only a temporary situation as in the summer they enjoy an out-door wire enclosure for sunning, dirt pecking, and bug catching. So, we asked around to see if anyone wanted these beauties.

Luckily our neighbors have an "in" at various farm families and found a home in a starter coop. Alex will do just fine when he is the bigger bird.

They went to a Farm Co-op, so at some point I am sure I will get a progress report.

Poor Alex has a bit more growing his fancy feathers back on his head since the other rooster spent a bit of time trying to pull them all out. And, don't you think it would be annoying to have your feathers in your eyes all the time?

How was your Christmas? Did you have any feathered visitors for dinner?


  1. Love your post home the rooster enjoy their new home. Holiday greetings to you and your family.


  2. I love love love love chickens. I would have some except the dogs would love love love love to kill them, so they win-No chickens for me..............yet!


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