Thursday, December 8, 2011

Team Turkey page for Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge


No seriously. We are this nuts. 

So when discussing the Thanksgiving Holiday and our time off, THE MAN made the bold statement that all he wanted to do for Thanksgiving was play paint ball in our woods. Well, it was unseasonably warm for most of Nov. so I don't blame him. 

The day after Thanksgiving he got his buck, so was ready for us to start using our woods again. Pretty much fall hits and we've got strict instructions not to bother the deer. Nice for them, but we miss our woods and creek!

So, we got some "trainer" paint ball guns and had the kids give it a whirl. No way we were going to ask them to do something they weren't cool with. Oh my. They are totally more devious and sneaky than I imagined. 

THE MAN and I did have prior experience with paint ball. We played when we were younger and up to the point where fall turned into winter and the balls were frozen. It's not horrible getting hit with one unless of course you only have one layer of clothing. So, my outfit was from my earlier days playing and was the only thing still around since, hey, I don't wear camouflage as a normal thing. 

This page was for a challenge hosted by none other than the very awesome Another Freaking Scrappy Challenge Site :

Our challenge this time around is to scrap a treasured Thanksgiving memory for you, DO NOT USE THE COLOUR ORANGE anywhere in the layout. Ha ha!! If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving – how about scrapping what you are thankful for, or why not scrap a family reunion or gathering????

That of course was right up my alley with my non-traditional photos and layout!

This page was designed to be predominately green since the whole point of the game is to not be seen. Or at least be hard to see. I did use a scrap I had that had a wee amount of orange in the little itty bitty little pumpkins, but I am sure there is some fine print that allows for microscopic amounts of orange....I did want to give a small nod to Thanksgiving, a holiday that gets smothered in Christmas. I also opted to use pretty things. I mean, it SOUNDS and LOOKS like a vicious game. Let me assure you, not only do we have the proper gear for it to be safe, but we don't take it that seriously. 

Although I am hard to see, I am easy to hear. I can usually be found crouched behind a large rock giggling like a hyena. Of course, once I am HIT by a paintball gun you can totally hear me. I might let a few naughty words fly and then there is the laying on the ground kicking my feet part too. You are supposed to exit the game with dignity and your gun held up high over your head. Me, I chose the flailing around & verbal method to alert everyone that I am down. 

Now, this isn't to say this game doesn't bring out the bad parent in all of us. Here is a conversation I heard.

THE MAN:  (yelling something indecipherable to his team)

Lexi:  What did you say, Daddy?
Me: (Lexi, shhh, don't give yourself away)
Lexi:  What? What did he say Mommy?
Me: Lexi, never mind. HE IS A BAD DADDY.

He did need the advantage. Where a tree doesn't exactly cover an adult very well and there are usually parts sticking out that can get hit by a paint covers the small people quite well. They are really hard to get out. My son comes up with the best strategies. He came up with the creep along the creek method down below the bank where they can't see you and come at them from behind method. I always try to make sure he's on my team although the daughter is a great shot. You just can't go wrong with either of them. I typically am the weak link!

The very lovely doily in my stash is from Eye Candy Creations and is my last one, sob! I have used them carefully so hopefully I can get my hands on more! Also used a bit of dyed gauze and green twine, love them both. The little green sparkly twirly thingies I found in a basket at JoAnnes the other day. I haven't even heard of the brand, but they were sparkly so perfect for me. If glitter was a food group, I'd probably eat it!

Anyhow go have yourself a play along with this challenge. I for one had a nice time taking a break from all the Christmas stuff and my brain was a wee bit clearer after. 


  1. That is exactly the conversation that happens at our house when the nerf wars or water gun fights break out!!! Bad daddy's indeed! but funny...

    Love the camo suit, I assume you wear it shopping and picking the kids up from school, very functional! Sounds like lots of fun and the Lo is great. Love the non trad photos and colours.


  2. Lol at KarenW and at this whole story, Mitra! Too funny. Love it.

    Always love your work too, and this layout is no different. Thanks so much for playing along with us at another Freaking scrappy challenge ...

  3. Such fun you must have had! Stunning layout! Great elements and design.

  4. What a great memory to scrap - I love the conversation you have told about very funny - an awesome layout Thanks for participating at Another Freaking Scrappy challenge

  5. I love how you write awesome memories and share them with us all. Thankyou! Sounds like you all had a total blast. As always your l/O is totally stunnig. and lol don't worry about the orange. It was not until after I posted my project that I had orange on it! Naughty me. Thanks for playing at Anothe Freaking Scrappy Challenge! Donna :-)

  6. Oh this layout is totally wonderful! such a great way to use the candy and the journalling is so cloassic! this is what scrappen all about, remembering :) {HUGS}


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