Monday, December 5, 2011

Girl Logic and Chook Romance

So, the other day when Lexi got home I asked her how school was. Getting the normal shrug, I decided to dig deeper. There is always an interesting story from 5th grade, I just gotta dig it out of her some days. So, decided to pull out the boyfriend card.

Last month I was driving three little people back to the house for a sleep over. One was Luke who was studiously ignoring all the giggling in the back seat.

The other two were Lexi and her friend Laura.

Turns out that day was a big one in the 5th grade. For some reason, a whole mess of little boys got the idea to ask girls out. I know, I didn't enjoy that drive back. (Insert quavering old person voice when you read this next line). Kids these days are growing SO much faster than when I was little.

Laura had been asked out and so had Lexi. A boy named Jacob. WHICH for a Twilight Team Edward Fan (Lexi, not me, I am team Jacob) I thought it might be a bit much. But no, she was happy with this whole idea and his werewolf-ish name.

Asking further questions, I learned it didn't really MEAN much. But, I still hate the concept.

So, I always like to ask every week or so if Jacob is still her boyfriend in the hopes she says, no, I don't like boys. I'd rather play with dolls.

So, anyway, the other day I asked about Jacob again.

She looked at me sadly and said Jacob had a very rough day.

Me:  Really?
Lexi:  Yup. He favorite chicken died.
Me: OH no! That is terrible. How did you make him feel better? Did you make him a sympathy card?
Lexi: (insert a look like I am retarded) NO, but I did let him put his arm around me.


Is it any wonder I turn to scrappin' to preserve bits of childhood that seem to go away so fast!?

Anyhow, a while ago I blogged about a blue dress that make me look like a blue velvet sausage. Our Christmas party was Friday night so I thought I maybe should up date you all on the event.

Incidentally I left out the world PREGNANT blue velvet sausage in an attempt to preserve some dignity. That baby went back into the mailbox lickety split to be returned for some twiggy girl to wear who is probably at least 10 years younger than me and doesn't eat. If you HAVE seen the latest Twilight, in the middle where Bella is just a bag of bones, my friend Lisa leaned over to me and said that Bella probably could wear that blue dress. Yes, she is the best kind of friend that knows how to make one feel better.

My other bestest of friends was on hand during the whole should I buy these really expensive shoes episode for the blue velvet dress. This was before I knew it was hideous. The dress that is.

While out shopping, I came across a pair of to die for heels. I am not a big shoe person. I mean, I have the ones I need. Sneaks for Zumba, boots for winter snow, boots for the woods, boots for regular...Ok, so I have a boot thing. They were expensive. Almost as much as the evil blue dress. They were the last ones, in my size and on sale. So, I texted my friend Kristy a photo and said, should I buy them. As if I needed the extra help. Of course I came home with them. But, she is a really smart girl and I know she was helping me make an important decision.

AND, in my mind since the dress went back I am seriously money ahead AND have new shoes!

Here is a pic my daughter took right before we left. Yes, it is only of me because THE MAN wouldn't be too excited about a photo. Yes, it's shaky and my eye balls are stuck open so the flash doesn't make me blink. It's shaky because Lexi was laughing so hard she couldn't hold the camera straight. See, that red scarf that I am wearing to cover up recent bruises from a game of Paint Ball was used in a previous photo to turn me into a Mommie Monster. I had it over my head and was sticking out my tongue. No, I am not sharing that photo. It scares even me. And Lexi thought it was belly laughable. Well, at least no chickens were involved.


  1. Aaah this is such a sweet post! I'd also be distressed if Cami had a "boyfriend" although I know it means very little at this age...she liked a boy in her class but he didn't like her back - oh drat! hee hee...You look gorgeous & I love the top/dress - those gathers over the boobs are always a good look!!

  2. I laughed out loud at your title - we'll make a good Aussie girl out of you yet!! If Meaghan even mentions a boy, Henry makes lots of kissy noises, which means we don't get told much at all... and she's 15 - eeep.

    I do wish I could have seen the blue dress, at least you could send it back and I love the shoes and the red/black combo dress!!

  3. I loveeeeeeeeeee reading your stories...and that photo of you is sooooooooooooo FUN!!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  4. such a funny post .... I can remember those days .... now my grand daughter talks about boys .... it is harmless though and really quite healthy as I remember when I was a kid there was a big white line painted down the middle of the school dividing boys one side and girls the other ????????? I thought it was weird ...
    anyway you gave me a laugh ... great post and love your pic .. hugz x

  5. Oh God help me....(responding in a feeble voice as well) those little whipper-snappers get too big too fast! Back in my day....

    YOU LOOK AMAZING you Zumba doin' boot wearin' lady!! :D

    If it were me, I'd buy more chickens and keep them on hand for the future, just incase. Insurance policy, so to speak.

  6. DAMMMMN GIRL! I wish I could wolf whistle, but a) I can't and b) now that I think about it, that would be weird. You look fantastic! And I hope that it comes across this way in the post, I will always talk you down from a ledge but never from a great pair of shoes. Your homework? Wear them with jeans on a dinner date with the Mr.

  7. You look beautiful! Nice scarf!

  8. LOL...Now i see the hedgeapple!!! Hahahahah :D


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