Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Shirley's Gift and playing at The Color Room

I bought this Tim Holz shadow box ages ago with the plans to make something for Shirley for Christmas. Then it came and it was this glossy tan color that kind of threw me off for a bit. And it looked complicated. Well, this weekend, I had our big advent calendar from Silhouette I had purchased to work on (I know, I am behind!!!!) that needed to be spray painted black, so I decided I would try spraying this tray white. It might have been cheap spray paint, but it wasn't cooperating.

I wanted WHITE because I had spotted this color combo at The Color Room and fell IN LOVE.

Spray painted was NOT covering, so I had to pull out some gesso and some light blue glimmermist. The nice part about the gesso was the texture I got around the edges that I got to add some sparkle to! Love it!

All the little bits that went into this box I found at a local store, carefully picking through what was left of the ornaments. In fact, the little green glittery tree I had found MUCH earlier in the season and cut it down A LOT to fit into this box.  Love the little blue bird of happiness! Love the flowers that I dyed to match the orange color in the challenge and crinkle ribbon!

I always stress a bit when a gift of mine requires work out of someone. I knew Shirley would have time and a cutter to fill this box a bit with some pretty photos.

Check it out! She came over early yesterday morning to grab her present and by the afternoon, I had photos!

I have the most lovely present from her to show you, but I was hoping at some point yesterday we'd get some sun so I could get a photo outside. NOPE! You will just have to wait. Every time I pass it, it makes me smile!!! Love gifts like that made with love!


  1. OH MY WORD! This completely and totally ROCKS! :D
    Love, love, LOVE that blue bird too. What a completely wonderful and thoughtful gift.

  2. This is stunning! Absolutely beautiful!! Sure Shirley will be a life-long friend after receiving this :)

  3. I LOVE this soooo much. It certainly warms my heart just looking at it. My granddaughter, Kya, just makes it all complete. A great big YAHOO to Mitra, for this special present.

  4. This is sooooooooooooo GORGEOUS!!! I loveeeeeeeeeeeee the colors and that bird!! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  5. Ooh..this is so pretty! Love the colors!

  6. That is REALLY nice! Love the pictures, it really makes it!

  7. This is absolutely wonderful Mitra! Wow, love the frosty feeling of the box and the little things you put in it. The bird on top is fabulous. TFS!


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