Saturday, December 10, 2011

Happy Easter

Well, my friend Lisa was VERY specific about requesting NO CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Very. And, if you know Lisa, it is always wise to follow her direction. Not to mention she has one of the most interesting backyards I know of here. They do scrap and I'm like a kid in the candy store when I browse through their piles of metal. 

She never said NO EASTER PRESENTS. So, I made this lovely little bird cage for her the other day. I had found this bird cage a while back. It's not old, but certainly does not look new, so will work for her decorating. 

I used a little Easter Card I downloaded from The Graphic Fairy and carefully colored one of the hand made flowers I got from The Mad Recycler. Not sure what kind of glue Janessa used, but when I dumped several shades of glimmermist (didn't spray it, both were clogged and in a fit of grouchy just took the tops off and dumped) on the flower, it slowly fell apart. After the pretty little petals dried, I reassembled with hot glue). Interestingly enough, the magnet she used the back really helped as I was able to just place this flower here and didn't have to glue it. That way when Lisa stores it, she can take the flower off and wrap separately.

AND here is a little picture of my birdie friend who is hanging out in her pressie! Wish me luck, hope she loves it and doesn't pound me.


  1. I say you found the perfect loop hole to gift Lisa....EASTER!!! As best I can tell, you should be in the clear. She will LOVE this!!
    P.S. My nickname is bird, you know, just an fyi, for thought, cough(hint)cough. :D

    Your birdcage is absolutely FANTASTIC and what a great idea using the magnet...genius!!

  2. She'll love it! It's irresistibly cute!!

  3. This is amazing and I'm sure Lisa will love it. xx

  4. oh wow !!!!! this is totally amazing .. love that touch of purple and all the details are stunning .. what a super duper project ... you are a genius !!!! love it to bits .. hugz x

  5. This is so cute, and how clever are you for giving an Easter present for Christmas to get around a "rule"!

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