Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Box for Kristy and some words of wisdom (not from me)

Generally speaking I do consider myself clueless at times.

I have been told by guy friends that I think like a guy and that is cool.


'Cause every now and again I realize that I have missed the boat on something. 

Take for instance this post that Kristy made on my blog the other day. 

kaybee has left a new comment on your post "Expect the Unexpected Page for Once Upon A....Sket...":

I have something more to add about the Season. The first thing you should know is that I love Christmas so much that I used to work in a Christmas store. The second thing you should know is that there is nothing more important to me than seeing my children inspired/happy/excited. The third things you should know is that I see life lesson in every single day. As a family we just adore Christmas... the lights that people put up to bring a little joy to passersby, the gifts that you pick for the ones that you love, the "wishes of the season" you hear in just about every passing conversation as the days count down. I too agree that the overconsumerism of our society is hard to take, especially when so many people do without the basics. Since I can't change other people's lives in one magical day we do what we can. Buy a couple extra gifts for kids we know that can use them, drop toys off to charity, add to the kettle, buy food for a needy family and all the while remind the kids just how good they have it. Today, much to our surprise, our 8 year old daughter informed Santa that she didn't want anything for Christmas because she doesn't need anything. Our mouths hit the floor as we stood in awe of this little person who has been taught to consume from Day 1, who does not see technology, toys, or anything else that she sees on tv as something she needs. Yeah, I love Christmas, and this year is a magical one! 

YUP. Had no idea that all the lights people put up are for me to enjoy. We don't put lights up ourselves. THE MAN isn't into it and making him grouchy by begging isn't my style. If I asked, he'd do it. Made me look at the whole thing differently. Thanks Kristy! And she has some other good things she wrote there too. 

ALTHOUGH, I do see technology on TV as something I need...but that is year round.....

Something else she wrote the other day had me giggling. The e-mail was entitled: It's NOT Stripper Dust I Swear:
I just had a scrapping meltdown.  OMG.  I am absolutely covered in glitter.  I look like a stripper.  This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I were drunk.  Which I’m not.  I’m angry and sparkly.  Sheesh.  Now I feel like Edward.  Just what I need - to want to fight a werewolf over some forlorn chick with no personality.  You can see how this is a bad night for me.   And reading this back I see it’s worse than I thought.  I wish Sam Adam’s had a delivery service…. 

In honor of that e-mail I did not put real glitter on the cheese box from Shirley that I made for her. OH NO. I used stripper dust. Why do I have stripper dust you might ask? Honestly, (although I do attend many balls here in the North Country) I couldn't find glitter and thought this might work. On the upside, when she handles this box, she WILL get glittery but it will be LEGIT glitter and not the kind you put on a card. 

See? I kinda think it looks like snow. Not like the green grass that is showing in the photo behind the box. 

Here is another close up. Some cheese cloth I had left over from Christmas cards, a paper rose, a snowflake behind everything and a little golden bird. PLUS, a fun fabric button. 

Good stuff. Just like Kristy. She is made of good stuff. 

The best kind of friend who did not tell me for YEARS I was spelling her last name wrong until one late night  around a campfire drinking wine coolers. For the record, I think it bothered her MIL more. Besides, Anika's last name will change when she marries my son Luke anyhow. 

Happy Thursday and hope you have a glittery sparkly Christmas!


  1. LOL!!! I can't believe you found her stripper dust!!!! Seriously...that is hilarious!! :) Love it!! Loving the box you made! Loveeeeee that bird! :):):):):):):):):):):)

  2. Love your take on the box. Really cool. I really like the snowflake, along with the glitter(I mean stripper dust) Kristy will certainly love this gift.

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  4. LOVE your box!!! The post had me on the floor and what Kristy wrote made me wish I had depends.

    Well, at least you didn't attach the stripper dusted bird to a pole....

  5. Ahahaha, the things one writes while in meltdown mode are probably better left unsaid. Unfortunately this girl was built without a filter.
    The box is so amazing. The chocolates in the box added to the excitement and the gorgeous little bird has found it's way to the top of the Christmas tree! It's like having Mitra with us everyday through the holidays!

  6. What a fun post! I didn't even know there was such a thing as stripper dust!! Lovely box you made - just getting to grips with my e mails and came across this post notification...


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