Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Altered Frame: About Fairies & Angels

The other day I came across a very fancy very old frame that was missing a scallop on the edge with the very low price of $2. I figured I could make something pretty, so home it went with me.

In a fit of cleaning, I set a smaller frame I had also picked up at a second hand store on top.

Inspiration struck me then! ;-)

 Of course, spray paint makes just about anything better as does hot glue, a Manor House flower and a most amazing image!

How do you like the very pretty imagine in the center? Ignacio at Nicecrane Designs hooked me up and I love it! The images are so soft and adorable! About Fairies & Angels can be found directly at:

Well, that is about it for me this week! I'll be packing tomorrow and hitting the sky on Friday for Peru!


  1. Very, very clever - love the image & spray paint rocks:):) Happy packing, happy holidaying...we're off next Wednesday....take care. ENJOY:):):)

  2. These are so beautifully. Loving the vintage frames. Wishing you a fab Wednesday.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. I love what you have done with the frame.. and the image is so sweet.. and all the best with your trip.. take care, have fun and come back safely!!

  4. Gorgeous altering as always.Is there a shop that is safe when you come wandering past??? Very cute images as well - I think my fav is the one you used...

    Have a great time in Peru, how wonderful!! xx

  5. It's BEAUTIFUL!!!! Mitra this is outstanding with the double frames. Love when you show the entire transformation.
    Outstanding frame my friend!!!
    Happy packing...excercise your pointer finger for taking lots of pictures. :)

  6. Wow! Thisa is simply gorgeous! Love what you've done here!

  7. This is GORGEOUS!! I loveeeeeee the fairies!!!!

  8. Woohoo - so soon! Have an amazing time away! I'm so happy you get to have such a lovely break away and all on your own. You must e mail me when you have a chance to let me know how it all came about. Love this frame & image - if only I could find things like that for $2 here!

  9. Gorgeous! Hope you are having an amazing time!!


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