Monday, September 10, 2012

Happy Camper Page

In a fit of wanting to use up a pile of scraps I had and also that cool die cut purchased eons ago that says "Campers" I decided to create six of these little scallops from scraps and also cut out my bear photo.

YES, I said BEAR! As in real live bear! Our camping trip to Old Forge also gave us an additional adventure besides crazy water rides!!!!! And this one didn't involve standing in any lines...

OK:  Here is the journaling so you don't gotta squint, Lisa:

The girl at the counter who was checking us into the campground said, listen, the bears are pretty bad around here. Keep your cooler locked up in your car, keep food put away, and watch out for the bears. I must admit thinking the whole thing sounded silly. I have only ever seen a bear once and never up close.

The second afternoon in the campground, Nate came back with this story of a bear who was tearing apart a campsite.

It actually wasn’t even that far away from where we were set up. He said the bear had gotten a hold of a cooler, dumped the contents and even drank a beer while a crowd of people watched (who were also drinking their own beer). He then proceeded to start tearing the grill off the side of the camper. The owner of the campground showed up and “Boo Boo The Bear” left in a big hurry.

I of course was very disappointed to have missed all the action.

Ten minutes later I heared a hiss. HONEY COME QUICK. I round the back side of camper just in time to see Boo Boo the Bear heading away from our campsite. Nate had been grilling and our bear friend was considering coming for supper, I think!

Anyone here think I should also have included a Coors Lite die cut for my beer drinking bear friend?

No Joke, THE MAN said the bear grabbed it, bit it, and tipped his head back. Guess breaking into that cooler had him all thirsty....

Here is a side view of my cut outs. It's hard to see here, but I printed a photo of the campsite that the bear attached in a pencil sketch black & white for my background paper. It's easier to see in real life under my velum journaling!

And no joke, if you come camping here in NY in the Adirondacks, don't leave out your food & secure you grill! I admit seeing a bear up and close had me a bit nervous!

Happy Monday! 


  1. LOVE those 'journalling' cards - really cool....the bear? Not so keen on that one. They're big. And opinionated, so it would seem! Think I'll stick with our deadly spiders & snakes. At least they try to avoid us!!!!

  2. Awesome lo! Love the shapes...looks great along with the papers you used! Wow love the look of this a lot!

  3. I reckon I'd have been pretty nervous too...great LO!
    Alison xx

  4. Brilliant page, the journalling bubbles are so good when you have a lot to tell. Love that camper van die too. I must admit camping and bears, definitely not for me!!

  5. wow a real live bear! what a story! and a great way to use scraps with the tags you have made!! wonderful memories!

  6. What a fun page & an amazing story!! Phew I've never seen a bear - only Yogi LOL!!


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