Tuesday, September 11, 2012

LESSology E Book and A Vintage Moose Munch Project

A few months ago, I got an e-mail from Yvonne Yam (you may know her as the Head Honcho over at LESSology) asking me to participate in an e-book she is sharing with their readers. It had to be related to gift wrapping just in time for the holidays.

Here is a link to the super cool e-book if you would like to check it out! Full of Cool ideas with a Recycling Twist!

I decided to START with something in the holiday spirit and then make it over to be a gift box.

As you can see, I geared up for the big project with some ice coffee.

And, it's a great time for spray paint, seeing how it's still summer! A great time to work on presents!

Just a quick spray with some cream colored paint so the red & the green won't show through.

Not only is the container recycled, I also used vintage music paper, a re purposed handle from my bathroom vanity that has been painted with a green patina, some vintage cloth on my lid, vintage lace, and also an old advertisement from a magazine!

Of course, all the pretty flowers were new...as is the lacy beads sneaking out from under them!

The inside got a little bit of spray and some mist as well.
And one last photo of my box sitting pretty and ready for a nice present. Perhaps I will make a little vintage Christmas tag to pull it all together and they can remove it later!


  1. WOW what a beautiful gift box. Really shows off your talent. Love the music print on it. The vintage cover is awesome.

  2. Wow! This is simply gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!! Love what you have transformed this into!

  3. Excellente! Stunning tub - what a gorgeous gift box this will make for some lucky recipient!!

  4. You really are the queen of altered creation, this is another proof, you have this box transformed into a beautiful creation.


  5. Yet another great project Mitra!
    Alison xx

  6. INCreDIBLE transformation....love the shabby-chicness here. Really lovely:):):)

  7. Gorgeous creation.
    Of course I got to see it much earlier and was drooling over it then. lol

    Thanks for being part of the LESSology anniversary celebrations! :)

  8. love how you turn everything into an amazing project!!

  9. Seriously beautiful. The tub is a wonderful gift in itself!!

  10. Another fantastic make over! The lid is stunning!!
    I really enjoyed your camping layout too! Bears...oh my!!

  11. What??? This is crazy cute!! You have the coolest handles. You know what I mean, real drawer handles, not handles, like "love handles"...You know. ;) What you take to transform boggles my mind. This rocks!!!

  12. LOVE, LOVE,K LOVE LOVE AND MORE LOVE FOR THIS CREATION......what a creativity you are....


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