Sunday, September 16, 2012

MMD Divas 6th Grade Page

OHHHH so much fun with this page.

I am nostalgic and made my kids pose in front of the Black Eyed Susans for their first day of school photos. Those flowers just kinda just grew along side my step. I think they hitched a ride with a hosta that I brought with me from the last garden.

Those were always blooming at the old house and we took many first day of school photos in front of them, sometimes even taking some to the teacher.

This page was a heck of a lot of fun. Heather has a new sketch up at Miracles Momma Designs and I used the right half of it, turned sideways and zoomed in!

My favorite part was interpreting that scallopy boarder. I considered getting out some punches and then came up with the idea of using up some of the large amount of white buttons I had and some banners with butterflies! Add in some liquid pearls and I'm feeling all impressed with myself! do you like that outfit Lexi is wearing? Aunt Jennifer and Lexi picked out via texts while Aunt Jennifer was in the Justice Store. Talk about shopping from your phone. All I had to do was just pay for it!

And BTW, if you are interested in adding features to your photos like filters and all that fancy stuff, Picasa has added a whole bunch to their free program. I started using Picasa years ago and for something that is free it just keeps getting better!

Hope you are enjoying your Sunday and scrappin!


  1. ...& I see her VERY cool sneakers. Someone's daughter looks like they're growing up!!!! LOVE your b & b border - it's really sensational & what a brill idea for using the day less til you go!!!

  2. Love the page. Mitra, especially the flower/butterfly border. Hey, Lexi, I love the sneakers. You are so beautiful, both outside and in.

  3. You did an amazing job with the sketch Mitra! Thank you! I still say that I'm going to try to make a border like that on one of my pages. Thanks for the inspiration! Lexi's clothes look great!!

  4. That is a fabulous outfit! Love it.. and I really LOVE this layout, the side with the banners buttons and butterflies looks amazing!! love that!

  5. This is just gorgeous my friend. Love that photo of Lexi, her super cool outfit and matching rucksack too and your page is so cool. What you did with the buttons and butterflies is truly lovely!

  6. Love this page and your border looks awesome, Mitra. The colors in the picture really pop off the page.

  7. Terrific outfit and I'm loving those groovy purple shoes!!!!
    Insert standing ovation here to your butterfly border (----------) that is one totally unique interpretation..LOVE THAT!!

  8. Another fantastic page! She is stylin' in her new clothes!! Great take on the border and I love those gorgeous flowers too!


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