Saturday, September 8, 2012

Cabinet Drama

Two Fridays ago during my work day, I determined that to celebrate a long three day weekend I would like to get covered in paint and annoy my husband. No, just kidding. My thought was, OH BOY, three day weekend, I can get a lot done!

I have had this project on the mind for a bit.  I have 26 scrapbooks in various places hiding throughout my house. It is embarrassing I have so many. I even had some in my closet...

So, with a bit of measuring, I figured out that this cabinet COULD hold more if I moved the shelf down inside it. Of course, it was nailed in. And to move it, I kinda already had to empty out the entire thing.

Which of course meant I should PAINT the whole thing? Girl Logic right there.

Here is a before photo at our old house. This cabinet originally came outta my Grandpa's Store so has been around in my life for quite a while. It has also held scrapbooks and paper for the printer as well as other odds and ends. It was pretty darn beat up. You can't see it from the photos, but the top has a piece of VERY old plywood on it. The edge of course was not so fancy edge where you could even see the layers of the wood.

So, by the time THE MAN got home, this cabinet was ripped apart and the contents were laying all over my office.

He winced when he came up the stairs.

See, I forgot I'd be taking up his barn space to paint and HE also had a project. I also failed to take into account how much REAL work I'd have to do.

We have this HUGE project at work that is coming to an end and the boss asked for "all hands on deck" which meant a fair amount of working on my part.

I innocently thought I would put my laptop in the garage and could work on both. CRAZY on my part....I ended up starting work on Tuesday needing a vacation from my vacation....

So, Friday night we took the cabinet out in the garage and I started sanding it. On Saturday I covered it with a cream colored layer of paint so I could later distress the edges and it would show up.

Sorry about the blurry cell photo....

Of course, while cleaning up the Oil Based Cream colored coat, I dropped the container for the spray gun and it broke...

THE MAN did not get mad. Did not even twitch. He just said, we can buy a new one and I have a different one we can use tomorrow for the black.

On Sunday I started to spray paint the black on it. The spare sprayer spit out paint eight trillion times as fast as the first sprayer and I ran out of black.

Had to run the store to get MORE BLACK PAINT and while I was there, I picked up a piece of molding to cover my front edge on my cabinet.

THE MAN nicely nailed it in and showed me how to send it all down to it matched.

More spraying occurred.

By Monday, I was depressed. Yes, we had the day off, but the paint was super clumpy, the cabinet was zebra striped, and I was annoyed. We came up with the plan to wait for the new sprayer, which wasn't arriving until Thursday. Plus, outta paint. ;-)

By Wednesday we were really wanting to get our garage space back AND things put back together.

So, THE MAN came home with more paint and a clear coat.

We came up with the plan of sanding it all down to get the clumps out and while I did that I distressed it.

It was like magic, the whole thing evened out and the matte clear coat protected my distressing. Didn't even need the extra black paint.

That little piece of molding we added at the last minute makes me SO VERY HAPPY!! As does the chippy distressing.

AND, even better, all 26 scrapbooks fit into it!

Of course I think I can only fit one more in there....YIKES!

Please tell me you have more scrapbooks than I do...pretty please!!!


  1. 26 hmmmmnnnn...that's a LOT....I've actually been toying with swapping to A4 size so they fit in easier...WOW! I've got, like, 6 or 7 & I think I'm in trouble. ADORE your 'new' cabinet. Worth every drop of angst & pain - it really looks super & sounds like The Man was very supportive over the whole thing! You deserve Peru. Hope it's not all work....

  2. Love this cabinet, really looks rich.

  3. "How much is too much when it comes to scrapbooking" will remain one of those elusive mysteries of life! Glad you got all your scrapbooks in one place and it does look great.

  4. Wow! This came out really nice! Looks beautiful and all your books fit in it...yeah!

  5. What a flippin' fiasco! But geezers does it sure look brand spankin' distressed fantastic!! I see the sanded molding peeking through and isn't that EVER appealing. Tremendous work and excellent triumph over perils. Sounds like the two of you make a super team. :)
    I'll take one for my house next. LOL ( I know you just had a pucker factor of 10 there.)

  6. that turned out so well Mitra..and hang on to that man...he's a gem!
    Alison xx

  7. Wonderful job done there Mitra. Sorry to hear you had such a stressful time in the re making of it.x

  8. Stunning project! You must feel great having got that done & dusted! And what a mission it was!! Ummmm...I have about 40 albums...ahem...

  9. This is one fabulous makeover! Love the distressed edges and so glad things worked out in the end!
    I have around 20 albums and just started a new one so I don't think 26 is out of line when you're talking documented family history!


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