Friday, September 14, 2012

Roses and Hay

My rose bush out front is going crazy! The blooms are so delicious looking! I want to find some flowers JUST LIKE THEM for scrapbook pages or make some. Love the yellow in the center. 

I didn't stop to smell the roses, but to just grab a photo of them on my way to the first of two Open Houses at the school. Pretty soon it will be fall earnestly here instead of flirting with it.

Right now as I type, we have two tractors in our back meadow making rows of hay in the second cutting. 

Didn't manage to catch the tractors, but here is our field looking so lovely with the sun and the blue blue sky. 

I just wanted to pop in here and say:


I have an interesting thing planned for my blog too.


So, having moved all 26 of my scrapbooks, I did open a few and look around. Some of it was terrible awful scripted stuff lacking imagination. Some of it I am quite happy with. You can almost see a progression to what I'm dong now.

And as far as the stuff lacking imagination, there are adorable photos of my babies scrapped, so it's all good.

A few of my other pages I am going to share with my itinerary for the day and how it may (or may not) relate. I am writing the posts now and have been having a whole lot of fun with it.

I won't get your comments until I get back I don't think, unless the hotels have a pc and I have time to check my blog.

Back tomorrow as it's the 15th of the Month and new challenges go live. ;-) 


  1. Love seeing photos like this - reminds me of where I grew up...& I'm looking forward to your Blast from the Past Scrappy interesting!!! One week....10 days til we away a bit longer than you - I'm just going to be Absent [with a capital A, I think...not much I can do except for the SFriends post I've pre-done:):):)]....have fun getting ready!!!

  2. Would love to see your early pages, Mitra! The roses look gorgeous.

  3. Love those roses and the open green fields!


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