Monday, September 24, 2012

Peru Day 4: I Used to be....

Day 4 • Monday – September 24
Machu Picchu
A full day to explore Machu Picchu or simply relax! You may wake up early and hike to the Sun Gate or enjoy some early morning birding in the abundant gardens surrounding our hotel. All wildlife-related activities and your entrance fee to Machu Picchu are included, and your guide will be on-hand to help you make any needed arrangements. For a more relaxing day, treat yourself to the spa or visit the extensive orchid garden, currently considered the biggest in-habitat garden on the planet. The grounds of the Machu Picchu Pueblo are home to exquisite birds including 16 species of hummingbirds and the Andean cock-of-the-rock, the national bird of Peru.
Overnight Machu Picchu Pueblo. 


A bird, an airplane....maybe you can see how my itinerary relates to this page....

No, not really....

I did laugh when I came across it. I had enjoyed how the two photos looked kind of similar at the time and one was my little Gram and the other me. 

Anyhow, there is a lot of journaling in the little book you can see there that I won't bore you with. OK, so it's a bit private but going on about spunk and nerve and all that jazz.

WHICH I suppose relates to taking my first ever vacation by myself. Typically THE MAN and I would never dream of taking one apart, but this year morphed into that with him going to Vegas with his Dad and me headed to Peru with my parents....

Now we do have something amazing planned for next year and our anniversary...and parents are NOT INVITED. ;-) 


  1. I used to be...

    jealous of you going to Peru - oh wait - I still am... sigh. (and Lizzy going to Italy!!) But I am glad you are going and I hope you are having a wonderful time!!

    Love this Lo, thought it was you in both photos, classic shots and great treatment. Very cool LO! xx

  2. PERU!!!!!!!!!!!! wow wow wow....I expect we will see pics I have to be patient huh!!!!!!
    fab layout! the phtot of you hahaha

  3. This reminds of one of those female 'YOU CAN DO IT' type posters!!!! I hope you DID IT on your hol & headed back up to Machu Pichu to see the sun rising, or some other fabulousness and did NOT squander your time in some relaxing, OTT blissful spa thingy!!!! LOVE the vintage feel of this LO, too. Your 4 days in. 2 til we leave:):)

  4. Mitra this is so beautifully designed. Loving your creative style. Wishing you a fab Monday.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  5. That itinerary sounds heavenly! Love the photo of you too!!

  6. Hope you are taking lots of pics of your trip...can't wait to see them on your pages :) Love the vintage looking LO!

  7. I love reflecting photos!! You and your gram on one LO is awesome!! Totally don't remember anything else you said on the post after you wrote cock-of-the-rock....
    go figure!

    Keep having FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!


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