Thursday, September 6, 2012

Infested Forest Page for ScrapFriends

Long ago, in a galaxy far far away.....when I was much younger, I worked at an amusement park.

The real name is the Enchanted Forest Water Safari, but was referred to lovingly by staff as "The Forest" or the Infested Forest."

I think (and don't tell the lifeguards this) they put the smart ones up front working with the money.

Hence, it was not fun like you might think.

So, when the end of the summer neared and I was determined to squeeze just one last smidge of fun out of a weekend before the daily grind of school, I didn't REALLY want to go to this park. I was of course out voted.

We have had a magnet on the front of our fridge since early spring that says "The Curse of the Silverback" and my youngest maintains you cannot have that magnet unless you drop 100 feet and are flushed down their purple toilet of a ride. Here is a video someone took. They are crazier than me. I did not take any electronics into this park (which is why I have a photo of the park in the dark when I actually have my phone). And for the record, I went down this ride on the toilet part backwards and swearing like a sailor.

So, due to a free magnet, we wandered off to have some family fun...and I made a page.... 

Used a great sketch to make this page. I LOVE these big photo sketches.....Thanks Lizzy for posting this ScrapFriends sketch so I can play along!

Here is a close up of some flowers, gems, and a mishmash of paper. That is one of my favorite things about their sketches. The little snippets they have on the sketch usually inspires me to use up some scraps!

That little bird in there is from Samantha at Eye Candy Magic. Isn't it adorable!

Anyhow I am off. Conference call in an hour to discuss Peru Trip. EEEK!


  1. Works FANTASTICALLY with the sketch!!! You're crazier than me going down the ride. Must say after watching video, at least gorilla has water spurting from mouth!!!! LOVE ADORE can't get enough of Samantha's bird your flower...the texture...tucked in there too:):) thanks for joining us at Scrap Friends:):):)

  2. Great layout, lots of great little embellishments.
    Been on a similar ride with my son, ONCE and only once scary as! But fun at the same time!

  3. This is GORGEOUS!! Wow, Love it!!

  4. That is a wonderful way to use that sketch.. and this layout is full of memories too by the sound of it!!

  5. Wow! Love, love, love what you've done with the sketch...simply fabulous!

  6. Love how you flipped the sketch and what a photo! Looks fab!!! Thanks so much for playing along with us at Scrap Friends :)

  7. I love your take on that sketch & the huge photo is just gorgeous!! Yes I remember you talking of the infected forest before LOL...

  8. love your page..and great take on the sketch with fab details!...thanks so much for playing along at SF :)

  9. Heee hee! Sounds like a great adventure though! And it certainly made for a great layout :-) What a fabulous interpretation of the sketch. Thanks so much for sharing it with us at Scrap Friends.


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