Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Peru Day 6: SWINE

Day 6 • Wednesday – September 26
Spend the morning strolling the streets of Cusco with your guide, exploring the Koricancha — also known as Santo Domingo, Santa Catalina Convent and the Cathedral. The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo are beautiful examples of Spanish architecture superimposed on Inca construction — the complex was built over the Koricancha, a temple dedicated to the sun, the Inca’s most important god. After lunch at Incanto, walk the historic streets and galleries of San Blas with your guide visiting San Blas Church, Twelve Angled Stone and Artists quarters.


This just proves I will scrap just about anything. And has NOTHING to do with my itinerary, I just thought it was cute now that it is a distant memory! 

This is how the WEEK OF SWINE went:

Monday:  Kids a bit tired
Tuesday:  Lexi all out sick & I stay home with both kids making doc appointment for Wed. 
Wed:  THE MAN declares I am nuts about them being sick, it's his turn to stay home, so he takes kids, discovers they have the swine flu, they get the shot to help them get over it, he leaves them locked in the truck at various pharmacies searching all over town for drugs. Most places were out of it, due to the epidemic. He finally gets them to decrease the adult dosage at Wegmans (anyone local to NY will know how amazing that grocery store is) and tells me how smart I am to get them into the doc that early
Thursday: Kids lay on couch all day
Friday: Kids lay on couch all day
Saturday:  Kids lay on couch all day

It was honestly more difficult on THE MAN although I was the one off three days. My work was much more understanding than his at the time. I was climbing the walls even though I was working. I had to be to take photos of the misery and then scrap about it!

Happy Hump Day!


  1. your trip sounds amazing... and your poor kids sound like they were really sick... take care...

  2. Have fun, Mitra!
    Taking care of sick kids is probably the most stressful of all worries for a parent :(

  3. Sounds like an interesting day today! Great to document the every day - including the sick days! I also take photos of my sick kids - of course they think I'm a nutter...

  4. Interesting and fun day. Sounds like you are really having a great time. Poor sick kids in the layout. That had to be horrible for everyone.

  5. YUCK! Hate being sick, despise it more for the kiddos. Love that you scrap about daily life. :)

  6. I bet you are having the most marvelous time!!
    While the content is not so great, the page is wonderful! These are the things we need to record, because it shares your day to day life and this type of story would likely be lost otherwise.


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