Friday, September 21, 2012

Peru Day 1 & Egg Head Page

Day 1 • Friday – September 21
U.S. / Lima, Peru
Upon arrival in Lima, you will be met by a representative of International Expeditions and transferred to your hotel for the remainder of the evening and overnight.
Overnight Ramada Costa del Sol.


I imagine I will be relieved to finally be IN Peru. AND exhausted. So picked a page from when my kids were LITTLE and made me tired all the time with their energy!

Here is a page from April 2007 that I really enjoyed making. Funny how FLAT it is. But the hand dyed paper is a shout out to my current scrapping, which involves a lot of ink dying. 

These letters WERE hand cut since I did not have a cutter then. Love them! 

How do you like this project? We hand dyed the eggs and then planted grass in them!

Of course I made my own paper with the rest of the dye....forgot how beautiful that can be!


  1. Love the handdyed paper. In fact I love the whole page, and the kids are so cute.

  2. LOVE how you've cut out your DD...I'm rather into that atm [you've NOTICED???!!!] & those tie-dyed colours are beautiful. Kids look like they're having a ball...can still see 'your' style in this page:):):)
    BTW, how many hours to peru????

  3. this looks fabulous.. love the tie dyed back ground.. and so good to hear you are safely over there.. enjoy and be safe!

  4. Wow those letters are amazing! Trust you are having a wonderful time!!

  5. Love the dyed paper background. Fussy-cutting those alphas must have taken forever.
    Have a great trip!

  6. How fun to go back and take a fresh look at those pages! Brilliant idea to use the left overs to make your own tie-dyed paper! Love those little eggheads!

  7. They're like that they grow their own hair!!! :)
    Awesome page and way to cut out those letters by hand, they look amazing. :)


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