Sunday, September 23, 2012

Peru Day 3: YMCA Page

Day 3 • Sunday – September 23
Machu Picchu
Take a short ride to the Ollanta train station, where we board the Vistadome train to Machu Picchu. A bus takes us up the mountain to Machu Picchu. We spend the afternoon exploring the ruins with our guide.  Our home for the next two nights is the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, an intimate luxury hotel nestled on 12 secluded acres of tropical cloud forest.
Overnight Machu Picchu Pueblo.


I will REALLY be missing my kids by now, I am sure. Although there is the word LUXURY perhaps that will help me forget!

This page was from 2008 and was one I made to celebrate joining the YMCA, which is a gym here in the states. It's not a LUXURY gym. BUT, very family oriented. 

I used to take the kids here for swimming lessons and just to swim in general.

Due to Luke's age (5 I think), he had to use the Men's locker room himself since these frequent trips were usually without THE MAN.

I remember one such time when he was taking FOREVER getting dressed and thankfully a guy I worked with came outta the locker room. I begged Steve to go check on him, figuring he needed help. Steve (a young guy without kids at the time) came out laughing with my son who was teary eyed and claiming that "someone" had taken his shorts. I still think he misplaced them, however it was super cool Steve let him borrow a pair. Goodness gracious! 

Now Steve has a baby of his own and I am sure that he'll have his own adventures in parenting. 


  1. You're gonna have fun reading all this stuff when you come home...I LOVE this...really, really love it - the colours, the big photo..that dotty paper peeking out. Enjoy the luxury. It won't last. Unlike the kids!!!! Machu Pichu...such an adventurous ring to it!!!!!!

  2. Mitra I just love this. So beautifully designed and all the elements work so well together. Hugs Desíre {Doing Life - my personal blog}

  3. Sweet story! Very impressed with you keeping us amused in your absence :) Hope you are enjoying the luxury after your archeological adventures!

  4. Sweet story and sweeter layout!! :) Love you chickie!!!

  5. This layout looks great, I love the big photo, and the story you just shared.. I hope your trip is going wonderfully well... take care~~

  6. the locker story though it must have been very traumatic for your ds!

  7. OMG..that commercial is on TV all the time here, "Machu Picchu? Where's Machu Picchu?" I yell back, "It's Where Mitra Is, now quit bugging me!!"
    So glad your son found the memories you've captured here. :)


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