Saturday, September 15, 2012

First Day of 4th Scrapbook Page for Another Freaking Scrappy

Getting a bit painterly, right!?

Necessity breeds that sometimes. I had these little math cards downstairs in my kitchen for the entire summer. I THINK he was supposed to study them over the summer, but that Math Fact may have been left out! Or, perhaps they were just something he bought home and they never made it into the recycling bin. I tried asking and got that blank look...

Regardless, I loved their rough edges and pretty bright colors enough to turn them into the background for a page.

We have another challenge up at Another Freaking Scrappy, this time using just a sketch! As you can see, I rotated mine!

This page is pretty straight favorite part are those little wooden hearts I colored with a marker!

And, interestingly enough, this page fits in with a challenge up over at Top Tip Tuesday that asks you to use recycled items! Love it! 

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday!


  1. I love those hearts, too - and the frame! You've done amazing things to the frame!!! Great recycling done with the maths cards, which as an anti-math person, I think is just where they belong - on something totally very un-mathish!!!!

  2. Mitrathis is so beautifully designed. Loving your creative style. Wishing you a fab weekend.
    {Doing Life – my personal blog}

  3. This is very creative, using the old maths cards on a school layout!! fabulous layout!!

  4. Love this page, Mitra. The hearts add a special touch. Picture of Luke is "one handsome dude".

  5. You couldn't have picked a neater background for this image! The splatter on those is terrific and the hearts are very cool, but I love the rainbow frame around the 4th. How on earth did you get that picture to look that way. I need tips...I love that! So happy you could join us for our recycling challenge at Top Tip Tuesday as well. SWEEET!

  6. p.s...since I'm writing this, I supposed you gathered that I didn't set my house on fire...yeah! Thanks for the tip though, I probably used more caution than I would have initially.

  7. Nice job: love the reused/recycled idea. 4th grade... wow! Miss you, teri

  8. I love this!! Love the grungy feel to your page :)

  9. Very sweet! Luke looks entirely cute here!! Love the recycled math cards :)

  10. Fabulous back to school layout! As a 'hater' of flash cards, I have to say, I love how you used them! Nice to know they're good for something ;)

  11. Fabulous LO and Love your Math Recycling! great idea, Great to see you at Top Tip Tuesday for our Recycle It! challenge this time, hugs Samantha :0)

  12. What a fantastic page - LOVE IT!
    LOVE your recycling too - so random - just what I love!
    Thanks for sharing with us over at Top Tip Tuesday for our 'Recycle it' challenge :)

    Carol x


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