Friday, December 20, 2013

12 Gems of Christmas Container: INSIDE

Earlier this week I blogged about the front of this little metal container and it's little gem contents yesterday.

Today, I'm showing you what I've done to the inside.

A little mixed media, some mica flakes, a ton of glitter, purple tree branches...and a little resin deer that had accidentally lost a back leg previously and now appears to be sneaking out....

My favorite part of course is the dove and the lantern. Still kinda sticking with my Narnia Theme on inside here.

Just a few more gems to make and that center section....

Happy Friday!

P.S. Purple tree branches are what you get when you have purple ink in a tray that appears to be dry but gets reactivated from your mist....and's a happy accident....


  1. It's magical! It really really is!! I love your mixed media technique here and I think one of my favorite parts is the be still sentiment. AWESOME job Mitra. This is such a great creation :D

  2. Happy accident indeedy! LOOOVE the deer...& the lamp....this is gorgeous, Mitra....really fabulous....MICA ROCKS:):):)

  3. VERY Narnia-ish, it!!
    Alison xx

  4. This looks amazing, love your tree branches, and love the deer too.. Have a very Merry Christmas Mitra!! Thanks for all the fun and inspiration on your blog this year too!!

  5. Attention to detail!!!love the reindeer and purple tree!!christmas is almost here,a few days to go. Happy holidays for you and your family! Hugs from the netherlands. Ps:send us some snow!


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