Sunday, December 1, 2013

Bad Chi, Bad Lighting and Excuses

So, I had high hopes today of writing something up for the last Story Telling Sunday.

Instead, I bring you excuses.

YOU see, I was planning this fantastic little project in my head which tied into a little story I had all thought up.

It involved my new Tim Holtz snowflake rosette and a lantern chipboard. Now interestingly enough I did not have a lantern chipboard, but I did have the new rosette die that I was dying to use. I figured the rest would work itself out and I was really excited about my project.

Here comes the bad part....

I am on my second electric Big Shot. The first one died a couple of months ago and I discovered they discontinued the electric model when I tried to buy a new one.

I know it's dead for sure as THE MAN took it apart and determined I fried the little motor inside. It's probably three years or more past the year warranty, so I didn't feel too bad initially.

Finally found an electric new old one on Amazon a week or so ago and did a happy dance. I have been DYING without mine, but have been trying to stay strong.

Well, that one died in my arms after one pass of an embossing plate.

Then I lost my glue gun.

Then I lost my temper.

Good thing somebody called me down to supper since I was fixing on quitting scrappin!

I headed back up after we cleaned up and proceeded to destroy things.

My poor project is a conglomeration of frustration and everything cute I could find to glue on it with the smallest glue gun ever I borrowed from my daughter.

I can't even find my phone it's all such a mess up in my studio!

I'll show you the project tomorrow...with some decent lighting.

Hopefully the bad Chi in my studio evaporates overnight....

Thankfully Story Telling Sunday is open ALL week, so I still have a chance...

P.S. I did find my cell phone. It was tucked into my shirt...where I put it to begin with....bad chi I tell you!


  1. woooooooooooooooooo well at least you found your cell phone....hahahahaha....can't wait to see when you do finish this project..

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project too, and I'm hoping the rest of December decides to turn itself round for you very quickly and the creativity continues!

    I have loved getting to know you through your Storytelling Sunday posts - and your Dad's too, he deserves a big thank you - and I'm always so pleased to see your name arrive on the linky list. Keep on telling the story! Thank you x

  3. Commiserations on the project but I know it will be oober brilliant when it comes. Ha ha on the cell phone I'm always doing that too and pushing my glasses onto my head and spending all day looking for them too. Big hugs. xx

  4. Oh No our scrap place is meant to bring peace relaxation and euphoria!! and I nearly wrecked my big shot too.. and yes my hubby took it apart and put it together again.. but it is a hand winding one.. and I broke a few cogs.. hopefully it will go for another couple of years.. I have too many dies to not have one!! and hopefully all the bad chi will go and be replaced with absolute ecstasy!!hehe!

  5. RIP little buddy, RIP...I'm so sorry to hear of another loss and I hope you don't remain in constant mourning. Despite the quirky mojo going on in your's a truly fabulous looking room and made me smile all the same!!

  6. Oh dear what a shame everything went wrong, it always happens to me so I can sympathise with you x


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