Monday, December 9, 2013


The other day I was checking out the latest and greatest items at the second hand store and wandered across two sets of vintage glass ornaments.

The first being these bigger bulbs in a nice tattered cardboard container, the second being tiny bulbs flying around loose in a old card box.

I then got the idea of displaying the smaller bulbs on the 3 D Tree from THE CUTTING CAFE.

Yes, they are hanging off safety pins. If you are going to use old bulbs, Tim Holtz paper, and tuck in a gold doily it only stands to reason you must use vintage safety pins to dangle them. ;-)

Here is another photo of my tree next to the Advent Calendar my kids are slowly eating their way through. 

The file comes with small boxes suitable for gifts OR a similar advent calendar if you are so inclined. 

A few years back I made all 24 boxes for this calendar. I have seen ones recently that are stacked boxes that are all the same that look really cool as well. 

Love how pretty my little tree looks next to it! 

Happy Monday! Hope you have a chance to visit Regina. There is card that goes along with this set that is a 3D tree popping out of a card that is fantastic! 


  1. So beautiful!! I loveeeeeee that you hung them with safety pins!!!

  2. Love those vintage ornaments and your advent box is fabulous!! The tree looks like it was designed just for this!!

  3. Mitra, this is so cute, I love how it goes with the advent set...awesome

  4. that you used safety pins!

  5. Your tree looks lovely, and I do love the safety pins.. very clever idea.. love your advent calender too..

  6. Soooo neat....really lovely trees & the pins are just such a fab idea....oh, i just looked up & the Other Lizzie has said the same thing!! Aaah well, tooo IS a good idea & It looks like Lizzies are great minds....or fools that never differ. I'll go for the first option!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love the vintage look of this. Awesome!


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