Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christmas Card Photo Layout with Blue Snow Dots

In a weird turn of events, it snowed that beautiful Christmas Card Photo snow right before Thanksgiving, giving me a good opportunity of dragging the small people out for a photo.

They were good sports about it and Lexi was sporting her new fox hat that THE MAN hates. You can see, it even has gloves! Fox hats and sparkly boots match you know.

Just a quick side view of my page. You can see the silver embossing sparkle! As well as as the blue snow dots! 

Aside from being really happy with the photo I used, I am also happy with these inky glittery dots!

I kind of made them by accident...I dropped ink on the paper and it wasn't soaking up all that fast, so added a small dot of glossy accents and added the whole thing turned glittery.

Am also in love with these red sparkly "leaves" that I up-cycled off that wreath I blogged about last week.

First Christmas page to add to the book! I am sure many more to come.

Happy Hump Day!


  1. And a lovely Christmas layout too.. great photo, love the red leaves.. and love those blue snow dots!!

  2. I loved the pop of bright red n green on faint bg..those glittery blue dots look fantastic !

  3. That photo is soooo cool - in more ways than one - & your dots & leave....totally delish.....I really enjoy when you take your photos of your LOs outside, & you get the sense of sun shining through the chilly's 'fresh' feeling, or something. Excuse the Waxing Lyrical. It's been so dang HOT here!!!

  4. Love the red leaves in the corner, just the right color POP! Really awesome picture of Luke and Lexi. I'm glad you captured our corn in the background!!! teehee.

  5. Such a wonderful snow layout!! Just the perfect amount of sparkle and the photo is great too!

  6. Tell 'The Man' the Fox hat is "HIP". Becca has a Panda one she adores, a Zebra Bathrobe and those boots Lexi has looks JUST like the ones Becca will 'surprise'... be getting for Christmas. LOVE and miss you all SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much. Loved your card. Always such a treasure to get things like that from you. My 2014 is going to be better..... I can not even find time to GET a photo of all 3 of my kids together... let alone me NOT stressing about what I should dress them in to match.. and you just, "Bam"... take a photo and poof you've got it all together. Love you!!

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