Monday, December 16, 2013

2013 Card Scrapbook Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

I am super in love with these fantastic shapes Regina has over in THE CUTTING CAFE store.

Check them out, they are called Christmas Ornament Fun!

They are nest-able ornaments, meaning you can layer them as much as you want or even just make single ones.

I had a lot of fun picking a couple of different papers and then layering them all up to make some really cool combinations! I even used a bit of gold spray paint on some so I could add that into my ornaments!

Here is a side view of my page. It was awesome having to shovel a flat spot to take this photo in real daylight....All you Aussie girls stalking me can use this photo to COOL OFF!

I can't wait to get this in the mail to my Sister-in-Law who sent me this lovely card. She has two youngsters and likes to scrap, but I am sure doesn't get a whole lot of opportunity.

It's always nice to have last year's card all saved!

Happy Monday!


  1. You are just too sweet! What a fantastic gift to preserve the memories of this year using a copy of their very own Christmas card AND what you did with those ornaments makes the entire gift priceless. Truly a very thoughtful sis-in-law you are!! It's gorgeous :)

  2. This is sooooooooo gorgeous!! I love love love love the ornaments!!!!!!!!

  3. Ooooh....yeah! Thanks for the 'cool down':):)!!! Those baubles are REALLY nice, especially with the acoordion thing going on on the top AND that gold glittery title...YUM!!! I wondered who was featured on the page...glad you told us - what a FAB idea:):)

  4. Wow love those baubles, and your rosette flowers with decorative edge look amazing, and really shovel off the snow??? with the hot days we have been getting I would just ly in it for a while!!!

  5. ackkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk I SO LOVE THIS....

  6. Just love this layout, it is so sweet, and colourful, and will make a lovely gift!! Merry Christmas from Australia!


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