Tuesday, December 17, 2013

12 Tags of Christmas Container

A little metal sample box straight off Amazon will be holding my 12 Metal Tins of Christmas.

Here is what I started with (photo taken on a much less snowy day). They don't look teeny tiny, but those little metal tins are super small. Kinda like working with inchies, not that I can claim any experience in that area!

I did take that foam out and spray painted the entire box with black, gold and silver spray paint. 
Here is a close up of the cover so you can see the lovely mottling of the gold spray in the black. 

You can also see some vintage scrabble tiles, my little lantern decoration, and that awesome upcycled necktie flower from Handy Candy Mittens! Thanks Shirley, have been waiting for JUST the right project to add it to. 

I thought it worked well with the theme I was trying to work with.

See, the youngest has been reading CS Lewis's book The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. Sadly it was a staple of mine when I was his age, but if they are making kids read it in school, it must have moved onto the classic book list...I knew I was old!

In fact, the book I saw him with I thought was mine due to it's advanced stage of tatter!

It made me want to create something with a Narnia Theme. Hence the Wardrobe hiding under the flower and gold embellishment and the little lantern flower. 

The inside reminded me of another book in the series, The Magician's Nephew where they travel between worlds via pools. 

I am going to create something with the little sample jars to work with Linda's 12 Tags of Christmas Challenge. I have made a couple so far, but they are mostly test cases. I'm getting my teeny tiny groove on!

Wish me luck and glue free fingers!

Happy Tuesday! Almost hump day!


  1. Whoa! Too tiny for me:):) But I'm sure you'll do absolutely amazing things!!! Heehee.....glad you like my rambling posts....no matter how I try I'm bound to revert to type....the list thing at the end did nothing for me...it's going!!! Anyways, will look forward to Chrissy in Jan from the USA:):)!!! And those yummies were CHOCOLATE..reallly nice!!!!

  2. Wow I have total faith in you that this will look amazing when you have finished.. look forward to seeing the end product!!

  3. What a fabulous project this is - great ideas!

  4. Looks fantastic, love the shot in the snow. Soooo hot and dry here in Australia

  5. It's WONDERFUL!!!! I'm so incredibly excited to see the bits you place in those cuties. Your exterior design is fabulous with the spray paint and your creative thinking to resemble the book. That is going to be a truly groovy keepsake. Will these be buried with the book for a future time capsule to retrieve?? ;)
    AWESOME job chica!


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