Thursday, December 5, 2013

Day 4 of Visions of Sugar Plums: Altered Ice Skate Give Away

A week or two ago I was sitting on my living room floor messing around with some vintage ice skates I got at the second hand store for $2. 

I was half gloating and half scheming.

I would have been tempted to try them on, but I have a very nice pair of skates already. Plus these were purchased to make something similar to what my friend Lisa made at You Made Me Ink. I do love ice skating but I like decorating more. ;-)

I was having a mild panic attack on giving them up though or even hooking them both together for hanging. Although Pinterest was just a click away, it was way easier to text Lisa and ask if she used one skate for her project or two.

I was much relieved to find out I had two to work with! One for me and one for a giveaway!

The nice part about this skate is that you can prop it up and insert the flower swag. I made it separate for easy of sending. Could also easily be hung with some command strips too. 

So, comment away! I have one all boxed up and ready to send your way should you be the lucky winner! Lori will announce the winner on her blog tomorrow!

Giveaways:   $10 gift certificate - Paper Sweeties -
                    1 set of choice -  Moonlighting by Mary -
                    Christmas Creation - Mitra - Mitra -
                    Into the Woods Stamp Set - Lawn Fawn -
                   $20 gift certificate  - Nicecrane Designs -  
                   Gingerbread Folk Pattern - Gingermelon -
 2 sets of choice-Vintage Remix

And for the very fine print:

You get your name entered for the day's giveaways every time you leave a comment.  So visit each blog and leave a comment on each one.  Lori will check out the comments every day, so if you comment on 5 blogs, you have your name put in the drawing five times for that day.  She keeps a record over the whole week so if you comment each day on 5 blogs, you have your name in her BIG All-Week-Long giveaway 25 times.

Happy Thursday and GOOD LUCK!


  1. OH this looks wonderful.. It looks like a professional flower arrangement.. (and I am just commenting as I do, please don't put me in the giveaway!!)

  2. Magnificent....this looks soooo lovely....& yeah, but dodgy sending skates to Oz.... So I'm just saying...not entering.......but still LOOOOOVE this:):)))

  3. Wow wow wow!!!!! This is gorgeous!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee the flowers!!!! Makes me wish I could head to the thrift store and find me a pair to alter ... ummmmmmmm but you know where I live ... so they PROBABLY won't be in the aisles of the Arizona Goodwill stores! LOL!! :)

  4. Oh, I love this better than the way I saw skates made into a wreath. You are ohhhhh so clever, Miss Mitra.

  5. Wow how absolutely stunning!! You are such a clever chickie!!! You know I am not here for the hop - just to say HI and admire your beautiful work xo

  6. Oh my, this is stunning - I don't know anyone who wouldn't want to win this fabulous creation.
    Toni xx

  7. Wonderful giveaway! Great
    use of the skates, very
    Carla from Utah

  8. This is gorgeous! I can see why you wanted to keep one for yourself!

  9. Looks like skates would come in really useful where you are. What gorgeous wintry weather! No snow where I am yet, at least. I hope we get some when I have nowhere to go!

  10. This is just so so pretty! Beautiful idea! TFS

  11. What a stunning decoration! Looks perfect with all that snow!

  12. Your so lucky to find a pair of ice skates. It's a pretty arrangement.
    Chris =]

  13. What a BEAUTIFUL flower arrangement in a very unique setting!!! FANTASTIC idea!
    I might be able to dig up my old skates. I am sure they are put away in some box in the basement!!

    Thanks for the inspiration!!

  14. Makes a great decoration. I can see the skate on my front porch. thanks for the idea


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