Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Smokehouse Layout for Dad Pratt

First let me just say it's not my fault he wore purple. Putting on girl glasses to read the menu was just the final straw and before you knew it, THE MAN had taken a photo of his Dad to text his sister.

My sweet Father-in-Law will NOT appreciate this page. He will be mortified that the Aussie girls will pick on him. (He's still not over a post of mine from two years ago!!)

I am pretty sure he will feel that peacock feather accordion flowers are a bit girlie.

Yes, the photo is a bit blurry, but since none of us took real else can we remember the occasion?

Here is a close up of the blooms, vintage button border, and the notebook paper my daughter took our orders on.

See we have this amazing place to eat near Potsdam called THE SMOKEHOUSE and their food is super yummy! If your wings take too long, you can have a beer at the bar while you wait.

Anyhow, we got take out because the day before my son turned 11 and we had 6 kids including ourselves to wash after a trip out back in the mud with the 4-Wheeler and a house to vacuum and mop!

Anyhow, Happy Hump Day! Thanks for taking a stroll back with me to last month. It seems like a YEAR ago!


  1. I hope your dear Papa Pratt never sees this - you meany of a DIL. And you might get called worse than that if he does:):) He looks pretty in touch with his feminine side, if you ask me:):) Which is always a good thing!!! And I LOOOVE your silver doily peeking out from behind. Looks fab:):)

  2. Oh heck us aussies girls wont laugh at him.. the blokes over here wear worser stuff... love the buttons and love the accordion flowers too!

  3. The buttons creating the wreath are fantastic Mitra and I personally like the picture. :)

  4. Love your layout, and Dad Pratt looks like a sweet man! Our Aussie men wear all sorts of colours and some awful T shirts! Love the accordian flowers, the wreath looks gread!!! thanks for sharing!!!


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