Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Hunting and Gathering the Glitter Way

I am terrible at shopping. Not the kind where you sit in your easy chair with a laptop. Now that kind of shopping I excel at.

I mean Black Friday shopping or hunting through the big box craft store for goodies kind of shopping. I stink at that. Mostly just pick up stuff that is shiny without any kind of plan. Yes someday I WILL use a piece of paper that looks just like real peacock feathers...

I am much better at second hand store shopping.

This here is my type of Hunting and Gathering.

Behold, the ice skates for $2 and the $4.50 wreath complete with lights that still work.

Now this wreath was still in fairly good shape. If you squinted, you might have been able to get another season of of it.

I really wanted it for the red flower/leaves and the slightly tattered gold peeling holly. Those I fixed up with some gold spray paint....they aren't quite as shimmery, but almost nicer...and not peeling! ;-)

A bit of work with some clippers, major gold glitter all over the floor of the garage..and here is some of my harvest.

Believe it or not, I intend to use some of those red leaf like thingies on a scrapbook page.

A few of the glittery branches, two gold flowers, and some of those velvet green leaves have already made their way into a project. That my dears will be up on this blog tomorrow and given away! ;-)

Happiest of Hump Days! Hope there is a bit of glitter on yours or a cool second hand store find! Both is also good! May the glittery gods of thrifting shine down on you!

P.S. The Grapevine wreath was unharmed in the process. Minimal hot glue was used, so now I also have a perfectly good wreath...


  1. Wow wow wow!! So gorgeous!! I love to go antique shopping!! I love digging for things I can upcycle!!!!!!

  2. Love the skating wreath, so pretty.

  3. OK this published too early!! I think your special spraying will make it so special.

  4. Looks awesome with all the glitter !

  5. this turned out it

  6. DIVINE.....just....totally delicious...that bling sparkles to the stars & back & you are SUCH a good op shopper....LOOOOVE what you find:):):)

  7. Oh, I wish I had your thrift store talent! I can find bargains at ours, but never anything as fabulous as those skates...

  8. What great finds!!! Love the look of all that foliage!!


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