Monday, December 23, 2013

Hi Ho Hi Ho It's Off to Work I Go....

Sometimes at work I imagine I work with The Seven Dwarfs. THAT doesn't always make me Snow White...I do like to switch between Grumpy and also the Evil Queen.

It's my Evil Queen moments that may have prompted a recent present from a couple of guys I have worked with for over three years. It can't be my Snow White moments since they are reserved for the first half hour of Monday before everyone else has started work, I have no email and just a hot cup of coffee and my thoughts. That particular moment seems to happens once or twice a year....

These guys were working on this present for a while. The ordering part was easy. The engraving part not so much.

See, they wanted to write three lines of text since the wine glass they bought me holds an entire bottle of wine. Heck, you could write half a book on the side of it.....

They settled for writing:

Phone Call Level
E-mail Level
Text Level

They were divided over which person we work with to use for the various levels. There were no shortage of choices, but our roles change frequently so they didn't want to pick the wrong person to use.

The levels indicate how much wine you might need!

After getting the present, I suggested that fill the in blanks would have worked and I could just use a Sharpie. Wrote my first name in the other day. Baby engineers can be SOOOOOO annoying.

Let me direct your attention to that lovely wine glass shape!

Regina has the coolest cards on her blog THE CUTTING CAFE that you can purchase for use on your electronic cutter.

I used mine as a die cut, but really a card would be super cool and elegant!

Used some Prima gems on them as a simple accent.

The gold book plate at the top of my page over some banners helped tie in the gold accent in the title.

And yes, that is slush on my deck. We managed to keep a few areas cleared of snow during the huge ice storm we had.

Thankfully we did not lose power! Now, I will raise a glass to that!

Happy Monday sneaking ever so closer to Christmas.


  1. ....WHIIIIIIINEEEEEEEEEE>.............I can't read what's written on that there glass.....I need the blanks filled in....I suspect they were having a bit 'o' fun with you, & I really like your page.....are you going to fill in those speech bubbbles.....but I guess they'll relate to the etching which i CAN"T READ.......not frustrated. Not 'alf'!!!!!
    Enjoy your white christmas.....a VERY happy [& merry one if that glass gets knocked off!!!!] one to you, your wonderfully named some, your gorgeous daughter & Long Suffering but stoic Man!!!!!

  2. PS: the suffering and stoicism relates to you using his tools in his shed......& getting him to do unmentionable things for your OTP projects:):) Otherwise, I guess it's YOU being the Suffering Stoic one. Just so's I'm siding with a fellow woman & it's even stevens......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Am I in deep? Shall I bury myself now & be done with it???!!!!!!!:):):):)

  3. Just dropping by to wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Mitra!

  4. oooooooooooooooooo i totally love this..i love everything you do....HAPPY HOLIDAYS


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