Monday, December 30, 2013

He Said Shave That Stash: Layout for THE CUTTING CAFE

Since I am always looking for an opportunity to document something unique, my son's first shave is on the blog today. The oldest suggested I might embarrass him, but honestly I did ask before posting.

(OK, so he had just woken up and wasn't even wearing glasses, but that counts doesn't it?)

Regina at THE CUTTING CAFE gave us a freestyle week to pick anything out of her store to use! I was still thinking about her trees and also, in desperate need to get some of the Christmas photos into the book.

This is one of her 3-D Trees that I used as a large element on this page. It's a great way to use up some scrap paper too!

It takes your mind off what a crappy photo I had to use....

Here is the tree again with gold doily fringe and gold ribbon trunk.

The photo was from a cell, you know how it goes. Everyone was tearing into stockings in the wee hours of the am and taking a minute for a photo from a real camera was asking a bit much!

I am thinking he liked his razor since the baby stash my 12 year old was growing was gone the next morning!

Happy Monday! Are you all geared up for the new year?


  1. what an awesome layout.....your work is simply it love it

  2. I loved the tree ,nice idea to use pps scraps and that gold doilies peeking out look fab !

  3. First thing I noticed was that amazingly fabbo tree!!! Whoa! Ur kids are growing up soo fast:):)) of course you need to doco these one off moments. Embarrassment or not. Luckily boys seem to love the shaving thing.....& string punched down with staples. Makes me HAPPY:):)))

  4. Lovely photo and again love your embellishing.


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