Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Gems 8, 9, 10, 11, and 12 for Linda's Funkie Junkie Challenge

I am working with these tiny sample containers for Linda's Funkie Junkie 12 Tags of Christmas Challenge. The sponsor of the challenge is her on-line totally awesome store The Funkie Junkie Boutique.

Wrapping them up now! (Holiday Pun intended!)

This batch contains my favorite gem, but we'll get to it shortly!

Gem 8 was inspired by this Santa tag which is exactly why I picked a map background! Thanks for that awesome-sauce collection of stickers, Aunt Coco! If you squint, you can see it's a piece that says New York! I also used some watch pieces and a snow flake! I thought the map and watch pieces would represent Santa's journey!

This is almost my favorite...

Gem 9 IS my favorite! Never knew how much fun it would be to build a little bouquet like that!

I was inspired by the blue roses on this tag! It is also my favorite tag Linda made this season!

My 10th tag was a bit over run by the very bright red. There is a smidge of silver in the back ground as well as I was matching the colors on this tag.

My gingerbread gem was inspired by the colors in this tag as well. Would have liked to fit in some sage as well, but that sparkly gingerbread man made me really happy as did the white and blue snowflake.

See it down there in front?

My last gem was inspired by the cream, gold and brown on this tag. Used some white glitter and perfect pearls on top of the brown gems!

I have a couple more of these to show as Linda is running an extension on her challenge!

And then, the final reveal of the whole collection all put together in one overall display!

Fun times!


  1. Just sooo fave is the gingerbread man cos he looks like he's doing a snow angel against the snowflake & that blue colour is YUUUUM:):)))

  2. WOw ! I liked them first but after seeing how you drew inspiration from tags I loved them more !The one with flower bouquet is my fav..

  3. I feel like I'm being teased! I cannot wait to see them ALL together in one place in the big container. You have really done an outstanding job on these minis and I'm so impressed with what you chose to inspire you too. Your bouquet is SENSATIONAL!!! But I really love looking at them all......

  4. Beautiful creations! Happy New Year too!

  5. These are just the cutest things ever. I really love the steampunk Santa and that gingerbread man and snowflake is completely adorable! Such a unique twist on my tags! Thank you so much for playing along. Congratulations on finishing the challenge. Best of luck in the prize drawing too!



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